Piastri Mocks Red Bull for Car Reveal Timing

McLaren unveiled their new Formula 1 car, the MCL38, for Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri through a simple video and pictures, opting for a low-profile launch to avoid giving away performance secrets, while Piastri teased Red Bull for not showing their car before it hit the track, and team boss Andrea Stella highlighted the strategic choice between glamorous and low-key launches based on technical, marketing, and commercial considerations.


‣ McLaren unveiled the MCL38 Formula 1 car for Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri through a simple video and a few pictures, opting out of a spectacular live launch.

‣ Lando Norris explained the decision for a low-key reveal was strategic, aiming to not give away any performance secrets ahead of the season.

‣ Oscar Piastri took a playful jab at Red Bull Racing, highlighting that McLaren at least showed their car before it hit the track, unlike some competitors.

‣ Team boss Andrea Stella discussed the choice of a low-profile launch as a balance between technical secrecy and marketing strategy, indicating a shift from the previous year’s glamorous unveiling to a more subdued approach this year.

McLaren rolled out their new livery for the MCL38 not too long ago. But just this Wednesday, they took it a step further. They unveiled the actual Formula 1 car. The one Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will be zooming around in next season. Yet, it wasn’t the grand spectacle everyone hoped for. Just a simple video and a few snapshots.

No live launch shenanigans this time. And that was a deliberate choice. Why skip the fanfare, you ask? “Because we can’t,” Norris quipped to GPblog and the rest. “It’s all about performance. Why spill the beans too early? You’ve seen the car. The rest? Well, you’ll need a bit of patience for that.”

Piastri’s Jab at Red Bull

Piastri couldn’t resist a little nudge at Red Bull Racing. “Hey, at least we showed our car before hitting the track. Some folks didn’t!”

Andrea Stella, the team boss, shed some light on their decision. “Last year was all about style. We had a show, a big reveal at the theatre, live streaming from MTC. But sometimes, it’s wise to keep things on the down-low.” He believes in mixing things up. “From last year’s glitz to this year’s more subdued affair. It’s not just about the tech or operations. It’s marketing, commercial. F1’s a massive business, and we’ve got to juggle all these aspects.”

So, there you have it. A peek into McLaren’s strategy. A blend of secrecy, strategy, and a dash of shade thrown at competitors. All in the high-speed world of Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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