Piastri’s Silverstone Anecdote: Not Glamorous

After leaving the track and participating in discussions about their performance, Formula 1 drivers do things like watch Netflix or spend time with loved ones to help them relax and decompress.


‣After Formula 1 drivers leave the track, they use their time to rest and relax
‣Some drivers struggle to sleep after a race due to the day’s outcome and the adrenaline rush
‣The drivers try to switch off after the debrief, engaging in activities such as watching TV or spending time with loved ones
Oscar Piastri sometimes makes fast food stops with his girlfriend after a race for dinner

After the excitement of a day at the track, it’s easy to think that Formula 1 drivers head straight to bed. For Oscar Piastri, however, he finds it hard to fall asleep on nights after a very good day of racing or after a bad day. “It can be hard if it’s been a very good day. Equally, if it’s been a very bad day, it can be hard for opposite reasons,” Piastri said. However, there are some nights when he doesn’t struggle: “Saturday night after Silverstone, I actually slept quite well, which was a surprise.”

After the races, Piastri and the other drivers have media commitments and a debrief. Once that’s done, they head off to the hotel to relax before the next day. Piastri mentioned that he tries to switch off by watching videos online, watching Netflix, or even spending time with his girlfriend. He mentions that he’s been watching Killing Eve with his girlfriend, Lily.

However, Piastri struggles to get a good night’s sleep on Sundays, after the adrenaline rush from the races. He generally has no plans for Monday and is still buzzing from the race. On Saturdays, he’s been getting better at sleeping through the night. After the Silverstone race, he had dinner at a motorway service station with his girlfriend and ordered fast food. “We stopped at the Beckett’s motorway services and had fast food for dinner, as we were knackered by then. It was very glamorous,” said Piastri. He had chicken nuggets and a chicken Caesar wrap for dinner.

Piastri’s routine shows that Formula 1 drivers value their downtime as much as they do their time on the track. His experience reveals that driving at top speeds can lead to sleepless nights due to the physical and mental anticipation of the races.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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