Pirelli predicts course of Las Vegas: Drivers will complain a lot!

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a significant challenge for the drivers and F1 teams, especially due to the unknown nature of the new street circuit and the complications arising from the temperature, which will affect the performance of the F1 cars’ tires.


‣ The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a big challenge for drivers and F1 teams, as well as tyre supplier Pirelli.
‣ A complicating factor in Las Vegas is the temperature, which will require warming up the F1 cars’ tyres in the evening.
‣ Mario Isola, the biggest boss of Pirelli’s F1 project, has many question marks about the new street circuit and the conditions they will face.
‣ The use of the three softest compounds in Pirelli’s range is an attempt to generate more grip on the new track.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix poses a massive challenge to the drivers and F1 teams, particularly due to the unique demands that it imposes on tyre supplier Pirelli. “Never before has the new street circuit in the gambling paradise of the United States been raced, so it is quite a wait-and-see how the weekend will go,” as the mere novelty of the Las Vegas Grand Prix alone could make it an unpredictable and exciting race.

The late November timing of the race in Las Vegas further complicates the matter due to the temperature, which typically cools down to an average of seven degrees Celsius as the sessions end in the evening. This could pose a new, unanticipated challenge for both drivers and teams, particularly in terms of warming up the F1 cars’ tyres. “That was a pleasant surprise. It was mega and it was the thing that kept us”, said Norris, highlighting the potential excitement and unpredictability that is in store for fans and teams alike.

According to Mario Isola, the head of Pirelli’s F1 project, there are many unanswered questions surrounding the Las Vegas Grand Prix. In addition to the cold temperatures, the new street circuit presents an array of unknown variables. “It’s a step into the unknown for everyone. Las Vegas will be cold, it’s a street circuit. I can imagine a lot of track evolution and very low grip, so they will complain. We will manage this situation, but it’s a big unknown.” As the tyre supplier, Pirelli is making strategic decisions to use the three softest compounds in their range in an effort to generate grip, but the difficult to manage conditions of the fast track, long straights, and high speed certainly present a significant challenge. This could make for an exciting, unpredictable, and high-stakes event.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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