Pirelli Suggests Baku or Monza for LasVegas

Las Vegas GP, being a step into the unknown, presents a number of challenges for Pirelli and F1 teams, including low temperatures, difficulty warming up tires, low level of downforce, and a largely untried street circuit with unpredictable tarmac.


– Las Vegas GP is a step into the unknown for Pirelli and F1 teams
– Low temperatures in Las Vegas in the evening and at night will make warming up the tyres very difficult
– Pirelli has asked teams to provide multiple simulations and share their expectations of the tyres’ behavior
– Las Vegas Street Circuit is similar to Monza and Baku, with high top speed being key to being competitive and taking place at night with unusual temperatures

Pirelli chief Mario Isola recently outlined the concerns that F1 teams may face leading up to the upcoming Las Vegas GP. With the introduction of this new Grand Prix onto the Formula 1 calendar, there are various questions surrounding the track, including the makeup of the tarmac. Mario Isola states, “The surface will be a mix of the usual street asphalt, especially on the actual Strip, as well as other parts that have been completely re-asphalted for the occasion; adding another unknown element.”
The low temperatures in the Las Vegas evenings and nights present challenges for F1 teams, as warming up tires may not be easily achievable. The minimal amount of downforce required at the Las Vegas Street Circuit will also influence the tire behavior, presenting the racing teams with an additional hurdle to manage. Pirelli has requested feedback from teams through simulations in an effort to prepare for any possible complications.
Mario Isola noted, “Similar to Baku or indeed Monza: hitting a high top speed will be key to being competitive. All the sessions will take place at night, with unusual ambient and track temperatures for a race weekend; more similar to those found back when pre-season testing used to take place in Europe.” The unprecedented conditions of the circuit will undoubtedly challenge the F1 teams, while amplifying the importance of tire management for drivers as the Las Vegas GP approaches.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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