Pourchaire Aims to Follow Piastri’s Path to Formula 1 Driving

Despite becoming the Formula 2 champion, Theo Pourchaire was not promoted to Formula 1 and will instead drive in Japanese Super Formula next year, but he remains confident he will have a seat in F1 in the future, possibly in 2024 when many drivers’ contracts end.


‣ Theo Pourchaire won the Formula 2 championship this year but was not promoted to Formula 1.
‣ Pourchaire is disappointed but confident that he will get a seat in Formula 1 in the future.
‣ The F1 grid for next year is already complete, but changes are expected after the next season, potentially opening up opportunities for Pourchaire.
‣ Pourchaire plans to drive in the Japanese Super Formula next year and hopes to follow in the footsteps of Oscar Piastri, who also had to wait for his F1 opportunity.

Theo Pourchaire clinched the Formula 2 championship this year, but a promotion to Formula 1 wasn’t on the horizon. Alfa Romeo Racing chose to stick with Guanyu Zhou, who had a relatively unremarkable season. Pourchaire isn’t thrilled about having to delay his debut in the top tier of motorsport. Yet, he’s confident that this hold-up won’t last forever.

Pourchaire shared his feelings with GPblog and others, saying, “I’m, of course, disappointed. My dream is to be an F1 driver. No, scratch that. My biggest dream is to be a Formula 1 world champion. But there’s no room for me next year.” Despite the setback, the talented driver is sure his opportunity will come. “It’s okay. I’m 20 years old. I’m super young. The team is helping me a lot. They’ve been there for me since Formula 3. I’m confident I’ll have a seat in the future.”

Looking ahead to 2024, the F1 grid is already set, thanks to Logan Sargeant‘s contract extension with Williams. The same 20 drivers from 2023 will return next year. But after next season, things are likely to change, and Pourchaire is expected to re-enter the picture.

Pourchaire’s future looks bright. “At the end of the 2024 season, a lot of drivers will be out of contract. I’ll try to stay active next year. Show myself as much as possible. I’m a Formula 2 champion now. That’s a game-changer. Before this, I had no major titles. So, it’s a big deal,” said the Frenchman. He also revealed that he’ll be driving in the Japanese Super Formula next year.

Pourchaire’s journey is somewhat akin to Oscar Piastri’s. Piastri, who’s currently with McLaren, won the championship in 2021 but wasn’t on the grid in 2022. This year, the Australian has been outstanding. Pourchaire reflected, “Yeah. It’s doable. It’s tough because I’ll be doing a lot of simulator work. I hope I can drive in another series next year. I won’t be a full-time driver in F1 or F2. Now, having won the championship, I can’t race again in F2. I’ll try to stay busy. Oscar managed it well. Now, he’s in F1. It just shows the high level of the Formula 3, Formula 2 categories. He’s really competitive in F1. Hopefully, I can join him in the future.”

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