Pre-Season Test Countdown: A Look Back at 2023 Performance

The F1 winter test in Bahrain last year saw teams drive over 21,607 kilometres in three days, with McLaren driving the least laps and AlphaTauri the most;’s predictions for the season’s rankings were mostly incorrect, with Red Bull being the only team to meet expectations by finishing first.


‣ The F1 winter test in Bahrain is a significant event that provides insights into the potential performance of teams in the upcoming season.
‣ The test results and the actual season rankings can vary significantly, as seen in the case of teams like McLaren, Williams, Alfa Romeo, and Haas.
‣ Red Bull was the only team that matched its test ranking with its actual season ranking, finishing in first place.
‣ The winter tests, while indicative, may not always accurately predict the final rankings for the season.

Just one month left. Then, it’s time for the F1 winter test in Bahrain. But, how much can we trust these tests? Do they paint an accurate picture of the full season? Let’s take a peek at last season for comparison.

Three days of testing saw teams clocking over 21,607 kilometres in Bahrain. McLaren? They only managed 312 laps. AlphaTauri, with Nyck de Vries at the helm, led the pack in terms of laps driven. had some predictions post-test.

Red Bull was their top pick. Ferrari and Mercedes followed in second and third. Aston Martin and Alpine rounded off the top five. Alfa Romeo, Haas, and McLaren were next in line. AlphaTauri and Williams? They were at the bottom of the pile.

But what about the actual ranking? After 22 rounds, here’s how the season wrapped up:

Red Bull held their ground at number one. Mercedes moved up a spot to second. Ferrari slipped to third. McLaren made a significant leap to fourth. Aston Martin fell to fifth. Alpine also dropped a spot to sixth. Williams climbed three spots to seventh. AlphaTauri moved up to eighth. Alfa Romeo and Haas both tumbled three spots to ninth and tenth, respectively.

The real standouts? McLaren, Williams, Alfa Romeo, and Haas. These teams saw the most change, for better or worse, throughout the season. Red Bull? They were the only ones who lived up to the hype, finishing first.

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