Preview of the Las Vegas Grand Prix: Brave the Cold & New Tarmac

The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix is highly anticipated and expected to be a fast and challenging race, with Red Bull favored to perform well, but uncertainty around the new asphalt and cold weather could impact the outcome, especially for Mercedes.


– The Las Vegas Grand Prix has been hyped for over a year and Formula 1 has been working to build up expectations
– The track through the streets of Las Vegas has 17 mostly flowing corners and will be a very fast lap
– New asphalt and expected cold temperatures will present challenges for teams, especially Red Bull Racing
– Mercedes’ performance in the previous Grand Prix and the potential impact on the drivers’ championship standings

Welcome to the GPblog website! The Las Vegas Grand Prix has been a highly anticipated event since it was announced over a year ago. The Formula 1 hype train has been in full force, and next week, we will finally get to see if the race lives up to the expectations. The track is a fast 6.1-kilometer lap through the city streets, making it the third-longest circuit on the calendar. With seventeen flowing corners, it’s expected to be a speedy lap. According to GPblog, the car with the most powerful power unit will have a significant advantage on this track.

Red Bull Racing has been dominant at recent races, but the RB19 has struggled on street circuits throughout the season. The team will have to adapt to the higher ride height required for the bumpy road surfaces of Las Vegas. Additionally, the new asphalt and cold temperatures present additional obstacles for the teams to navigate. The team that can best handle these challenges will have a significant advantage during the race.

The previous Grand Prix in Brazil saw a surprising decline for Mercedes, with even Alpine outpacing the team. There are concerns within the team about whether this was a one-time event or a sign of a larger decline. Another disappointing result in Las Vegas could have serious implications for Lewis Hamilton‘s position in the drivers’ championship. Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing has the opportunity to secure an unprecedented result with first and second-place finishes in the drivers’ title race.

As the Las Vegas Grand Prix approaches, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and coverage right here on GPblog!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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