Prost Claims Superior Racing Skills Over Senna, Feels Underrated

Alain Prost, a four-time world champion, feels he is “completely underrated” in comparison to other Formula 1 drivers, especially when contrasted with his rival Ayrton Senna, despite his significant achievements in the sport.


‣ Four-time world champion Alain Prost feels “completely underrated” in comparison to other Formula 1 drivers, attributing this partly to unfavorable comparisons with his arch-rival Ayrton Senna.

‣ Despite being fourth in the list of F1 drivers with the most world titles and fifth in Grand Prix victories, Prost believes he does not receive the recognition he deserves, considering his achievements and the quality of teammates he has competed with.

‣ Prost, known as ‘The Professor’ for his calculated approach to racing, contrasts his style with Senna’s, suggesting that while Senna may have had more “panache,” he (Prost) was superior in race conditions, a point of contention in their historical comparison.

Alain Prost, a legend in his own right, often feels like the shadow in a room full of light. “I’m completely underrated,” he chuckles, almost in disbelief. It’s a sentiment hard to digest, especially when you consider his monumental achievements in Formula 1.

Why does he feel this way, you ask? Well, it’s complicated. The comparisons with Ayrton Senna, his arch-rival, don’t do him any favors. They’re like oil and water, fire and ice – so different yet forever intertwined.

### Prost: ‘I am completely underrated’

They call him ‘The Professor.’ A title Prost wears like a badge of honor, reflecting his strategic mastery on the track. With four world titles under his belt, he’s no stranger to victory. Yet, in the grand tally of F1 legends, he finds himself in fourth place. And when it comes to Grand Prix wins, he’s now fifth, thanks to Max Verstappen‘s recent surge.

“I mean, look at the numbers,” Prost muses to Motor Sport Magazine. “They’re not just numbers. They’re battles, they’re stories. But somehow, it feels like they’re whispers in the grand narrative of F1.” It’s a peculiar kind of invisibility for someone so prominent.

And it’s not just about being overshadowed. “It’s like I’m branded with it,” he adds, a hint of resignation in his voice. It’s as if history has already sealed his fate, alongside other greats like Watson, Arnoux, and Lauda. “Five world champions as teammates, and yet, here we are,” he sighs.

### Prost: ‘I was a better racer than Senna’

But let’s not forget the Senna saga. Prost and Senna, teammates turned rivals, their saga is the stuff of legends. The 1988 and 1989 seasons were particularly explosive, with each claiming victory over the other in a dramatic fashion.

“Senna had flair, no doubt,” Prost admits. “But in the heat of the race, when the rubber meets the road? That was my domain.” It’s a bold claim, but Prost’s confidence is not unfounded. His prowess in race conditions, he insists, was unmatched, even by Senna.

Yet, Senna’s legacy seems to cast a long shadow, one that Prost finds himself navigating even years after their rivalry has cooled. “People loved his mystique, his ‘panache’,” Prost reflects. “But when it came down to it, on the track, in the thick of it? I knew I had the edge.”

It’s a narrative full of twists, turns, and what-ifs. Prost’s story is a testament to the complexities of sportsmanship, rivalry, and legacy. And perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time we give ‘The Professor’ his due.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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