Prost’s admiration for Verstappen’s key factor: A heartwarming sentiment

French former Formula 1 driver Alain Prost believes that Max Verstappen‘s unique upbringing and training from his father, Jos Verstappen, has played a crucial role in his success and set him apart from other drivers in the sport.


‣ Max Verstappen became world champion in Qatar a few weeks ago.
‣ Alain Prost believes that Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, played a crucial role in his success.
‣ Prost considers Max’s training from his father to be unique in the Formula 1 world.
‣ Prost admires Max’s honesty and consistency, noting that he hasn’t changed despite his accomplishments.

Max Verstappen’s recent World Championship win in Qatar has garnered praise from former Formula 1 champion Alain Prost. However, Prost believes that the key to Verstappen’s success lies with his father Jos Verstappen, who provided unique training for the Dutch driver. Prost stated, “There are plenty of drivers who get support from their parents, but the way Jos did it with Max is unique.” He went on to highlight Verstappen’s maturity and honesty, characteristics that have remained consistent throughout his career. “At the core, he is now the same Max as that boy who won his first Formula One race. You often see people change anyway, especially after winning world titles. He doesn’t. I love that,” Prost concluded.

Verstappen’s training under his father’s guidance has clearly played a pivotal role in his achievements. The close relationship and unique approach have set Verstappen apart from his peers. Prost’s observation sheds light on the positive impact parental involvement can have in nurturing young talent in the sport.

Verstappen’s consistency and authenticity have earned him admiration both on and off the track. Unlike some other drivers who may change after achieving success, Verstappen has remained true to himself and is known for being honest and open. Prost’s praise highlights Verstappen’s character and integrity, traits that have endeared him to fans and fellow competitors alike.

In conclusion, Verstappen’s three consecutive world titles can be attributed not only to his talent as a driver but also to the unique training and support he received from his father, Jos Verstappen. The impact of this training is evident in Verstappen’s maturity and unwavering authenticity, qualities that make him stand out from his competitors. As he continues to excel in the sport, Verstappen’s success serves as a testament to the power of parental guidance and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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