Question about Massa at Interlagos press conference: No responses

During a press conference for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, five drivers were asked about Felipe Massa’s battle for the 2008 title, but they had little to say on the matter except for two brief comments, and Massa intends to seek a court decision regarding the championship due to the ‘Crashgate’ scandal.


‣ Felipe Massa is seeking a decision from a court about the 2008 championship due to “Crashgate” at the Singapore Grand Prix.
Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton both expressed little to no interest or opinion on the matter.
‣ The five drivers at the press conference remained silent when asked to comment further.

In the press conference prior to the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, several drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas, and Logan Sargeant were questioned about Felipe Massa’s ongoing battle for the 2008 championship. The topic of discussion revolved around Massa’s pursuit of a court decision regarding the ‘Crashgate’ scandal at the Singapore Grand Prix. Surprisingly, the responses from the drivers were mostly brief and dismissive.

When Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was asked about his opinion on the matter, he simply replied, “I don’t [have an opinion].” This straightforward response seems to suggest that Sainz has chosen not to engage in the ongoing debate surrounding Massa’s championship fight. On the other hand, the 2008 F1 champion himself, Lewis Hamilton, expressed his disinterest by stating, “I honestly pay no attention to it, so I don’t really.” This lack of attention could be attributed to Hamilton’s focus on his own racing career and championship ambitions.

Interestingly, when the drivers were prodded for further comments on the issue, they all chose to remain silent. This silence from the drivers in Sao Paulo implies that they either have no additional thoughts on the matter or perhaps wish to avoid any potential controversy by refraining from further discussion.

Overall, it is clear that the drivers present at the press conference were not particularly eager to engage in a detailed conversation regarding Felipe Massa’s pursuit of justice for the 2008 championship. Their brief and dismissive responses suggest that they have little interest in the ongoing legal battle.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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