RB20 Detailed Analysis: Surprising Future Predictions

Ted Kravitz analyzes Red Bull Racing’s RB20, highlighting aggressive changes and innovative features like the sidepods inspired by the 2022 Mercedes, while expressing confidence in designer Adrian Newey’s efforts to keep Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez ahead in the 2023 season.


‣ Red Bull Racing has made aggressive changes to their car during the winter break to maintain their dominance in the 2023 season, with Adrian Newey leading the design efforts.

‣ Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports suggests that the RB20 car driven by Max Verstappen during the Bahrain test days might not be the final version, especially regarding its nose design.

‣ The RB20’s sidepods are notably inspired by the 2022 Mercedes car, featuring a unique air intake design that Kravitz highlights during his analysis.

‣ Kravitz expresses strong confidence in Adrian Newey’s design choices for the Red Bull car, indicating the high expectations for its performance in the upcoming season.

Oh, Red Bull Racing? They were the ones to beat in 2023. Yet, they didn’t just sit back and relax during the winter break. Nope. They went all in, making some bold moves. Adrian Newey, that genius, has been burning the midnight oil. Why? To keep Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the front of the pack, of course. And Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports? He’s been all over their new car, dissecting it piece by piece.

Now, let’s talk about Bahrain. That’s where Verstappen will be taking the RB20 for a spin on Wednesday. But here’s the kicker – Kravitz reckons we’re not even seeing the final form of this beast. “They haven’t actually shown us what the real nose looks like,” he says. And if you think we’ll see it race-ready in a week, well, Kravitz would be shocked. But hey, in F1, never say never.

And about those sidepods on the RB20…

Kravitz couldn’t help but notice something familiar about them. They kinda remind him of the 2022 Mercedes. But here’s where it gets juicy: “There’s this vertical side pod entry, right? But, get this, there’s a sneaky sidepod air intake hiding just around the O of Oracle. Yep, just a bit upstream of that O on the sidepod,” Kravitz spills the beans.

The pit reporter’s got a lot to say about these changes. His trust in Newey’s design prowess? Unshakable. “All sorts of interesting things on this Red Bull and, well, I wouldn’t doubt this man [Newey] for a minute. If he thinks it’s going to work, that’s good enough for me.”

So, there you have it. Red Bull Racing isn’t just resting on their laurels. They’re pushing the envelope, with Newey leading the charge and Kravitz giving us the lowdown. Can’t wait to see what surprises they’ve got up their sleeves for the race.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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