Reasons Red Bull Abandoned Battle Based on Newey’s Guidance

Red Bull Racing, led by Adrian Newey, won 21 out of 22 Grands Prix in 2023, breaking records for the most dominant season in F1 history, despite internal doubts about a rule change that year.


‣ Red Bull Racing won 21 out of 22 Grands Prix in 2023 with the RB19, breaking many records including the most dominant season in F1 ever.
‣ Adrian Newey, the man behind the scenes at Red Bull Racing, revealed that there were internal doubts about a rule change before 2023.
‣ In 2023, a change was made to the Formula 1 regulations, requiring the rear to go up 15mm and the diffuser 10mm.
‣ Despite initial internal resistance, Red Bull decided not to fight the FIA over the rule change, which ultimately proved beneficial for the team.

Red Bull Racing? They were on fire in 2023, winning 21 out of 22 Grands Prix. The RB19 was their secret weapon. And the mastermind? Adrian Newey, still pulling the strings behind the scenes at the Austrian team.

He spilled some beans to The Race. Apparently, there were some internal jitters about a rule change before 2023.

Let’s rewind a bit. 2022. Formula 1 kicked off the season with a whole new set of rules. Red Bull Racing emerged victorious, even though Ferrari was hot on their heels at the start.

Then came 2023. More rule changes. The rear had to be raised by 15mm, the diffuser by 10mm.

Red Bull’s non-combat stance with the FIA

Interesting tidbit? When the change was announced, there was a bit of a kerfuffle internally. Some folks were like, ‘no way, we gotta fight this.’ But while other teams were grumbling about the sudden rule change, Red Bull decided to sit this one out.

Newey’s take? “We were lagging behind Ferrari in the high-speed corners last year. Our car was struggling in the high-speed zones, so maybe this rule change might work in our favor. So we didn’t kick up too much of a fuss.”

Turns out, he was spot on. Red Bull Racing went from 17 victories in 2022 to a staggering 21 in 2023. They smashed records left, right, and center, including the all-time record for the most dominant season in F1 history. That record was previously held by McLaren since 1988, but now it’s firmly in the hands of the Austrian racing stable.

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