Red Bull Adjusts RB20 to Avoid Vulnerability

Adrian Newey stated that Red Bull Racing had to implement significant changes to the RB20, evolving from the RB19 with notable differences like the sidepods, to maintain a competitive edge and avoid vulnerability from competitors copying their previous design.


‣ Red Bull Racing implemented significant changes in the design of the RB20, as evolving the RB19 was deemed insufficient to maintain competitive advantage.

‣ The RB20 features notable differences from its predecessor, particularly in the design of the sidepods, which resemble Mercedes’ unsuccessful zeropod concept.

‣ Adrian Newey highlighted the necessity of major modifications to the RB20 to prevent other teams from copying their previous design and to stay ahead in the competition.

‣ Initial testing in Bahrain showed promising results for the RB20, with Max Verstappen leading the timesheets, though winter testing may not fully predict seasonal performance.

Red Bull Racing? Oh, they had to shake things up big time with the RB20. Adrian Newey spilled the beans, saying sticking to the RB19’s blueprint just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Competition’s fierce, you know?

### RB20’s got a new groove, says Newey
So, the RB20. It’s like the RB19’s cooler, beefed-up sibling. But, get this – the sidepods? They’re kinda giving off Mercedes’ zeropod vibes that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Newey had a chat with Auto, Motor und Sport. He was like, “Look, our RB19 was a star. But everyone’s playing copycat. We had to step up our game with the RB20, or we’d be sitting ducks.”

And guess what? They took the RB20 out for a spin in Bahrain. Just a day of testing, but Max Verstappen? Dude was flying, topping the timesheets by a mile. Sure, it’s just winter testing. But it’s a hint, right? Maybe this beast has some serious bite for the season ahead.

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