Red Bull Determines Horner’s Future Today

An independent lawyer is investigating alleged inappropriate behavior by Christian Horner, with Red Bull GmbH set to decide on the matter before the Bahrain Grand Prix, as reported by British media.


– ‣ An independent lawyer is investigating alleged inappropriate behaviour by Christian Horner, with the investigation being conducted by Red Bull GmbH.
– ‣ The investigation’s findings, documented in a report of some 150 pages, will be presented to Red Bull’s board in Salzburg.
– ‣ The decision regarding Horner’s case is expected to be announced on Tuesday night or Wednesday, ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.
– ‣ The woman who made the allegations against Horner is still employed by Red Bull Racing and was working at the factory in Milton Keynes.

Christian Horner is on tenterhooks, waiting for the verdict before the Bahrain Grand Prix. It’s a buzz in the air, with the Daily Mail first on the scene, followed by Sky Sports chiming in. They say it’s happening soon.

An independent lawyer’s digging deep into claims of misconduct by Horner. This isn’t just gossip. Red Bull GmbH, the big boss behind the Formula 1 team, is steering this ship. And, oh, the British press is all over it, hinting at a hefty 150-page report landing on Red Bull’s Salzburg desk come Tuesday.

### When will the decision on Horner follow
So, what’s next? Red Bull’s making the call by Tuesday night, maybe Wednesday. Word on the street, or at least from someone close to Horner, is he’s itching to clear the air. Still, he’s batting away those allegations.

Now, about the accuser. She’s still part of the Red Bull Racing crew. Both she and Horner were spotted at the Milton Keynes factory on Monday, just doing their thing. But here’s the kicker: she might skip the Bahrain trip if Horner gets the green light.

It’s a bit of a soap opera, isn’t it? Stay tuned, folks.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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