Red Bull developing its own docu-series competing with Drive to Survive

Red Bull Racing plans to celebrate its 20th season in Formula 1 with a docu-series similar to Drive to Survive, a popular Formula 1 show on Netflix, at the request of Team boss Christian Horner.


‣ Red Bull Racing will celebrate its 20th season in Formula 1 in 2024
‣ Red Bull reportedly has plans to have a Drive to Survive-style docu-series made about the team
‣ Team boss Christian Horner is in talks with Netflix and Amazon about airing the series
‣ In the past, Horner has had frequent discussions with parties on behalf of Red Bull about a docu-series around his team

Red Bull Racing is set to commemorate its 20th season in Formula 1 in 2024. Currently holding the constructors’ world champion title and boasting the current champion driver, the team has plans to produce a docu-series. Horner has been in discussions with Box-to-Box Productions to create a four-part series in the style of Drive to Survive. Business F1, which is known for its high credibility in the F1 paddock, reported that this series would offer behind-the-scenes access to the team. Additionally, it has been rumored that the team is in talks with both Netflix and Amazon regarding acquiring the rights to air this series.
Horner initially denied these claims; however, his response to the conversation simultaneously reads, “I know nothing about what you are talking about, but it sounds like a good idea.” This seems to indicate that the plans for the series are, in fact, moving forward. In the past, Red Bull has expressed interest in having a documentary series, but it has been unsuccessful. Particularly, the interest in an in-house TV program was from Red Bull’s US sponsors to gain more publicity.
Red Bull seems to recognize the potential for a docu-series surrounding its team. Following the success of Drive to Survive on Netflix, the focus on creating this series allows the team to expand its reach and appeal to a broader audience. By creating this series, Red Bull is poised to capitalize on the increasing interest in Formula 1, especially in America in recent years.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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