Red Bull Implements Major Changes to RB20 Due to High Risks

Red Bull Racing, inspired by their success in 2023 and aiming to avoid complacency, has taken a radical approach by designing the RB20 with notable similarities to the previous year’s less successful Mercedes, a move Helmut Marko describes as a revolution in their strategy.


‣ Red Bull Racing has opted for a major design change for the RB20, drawing inspiration from the previous year’s Mercedes, despite its lack of success.

‣ The decision for a radical redesign was influenced by Red Bull’s dominant performance in 2023, allowing them to experiment beyond mere improvements.

‣ Helmut Marko praised Max Verstappen‘s impressive performance during testing, particularly noting his consistent, fast times during long runs, which boosts confidence for the upcoming race in Bahrain.

‣ The RB20’s design strategy represents a “revolution” according to Helmut Marko, aiming to maintain Red Bull’s competitive edge by exploring innovative design paths.

Oh, Red Bull Racing, always up for a surprise, aren’t they? While their rivals were busy taking cues from the RB19 for their 2024 designs, the Austrians threw a curveball. At a glance, the RB20 nods to last year’s Mercedes. Odd choice, given the struggles Mercedes faced. Yet, Red Bull’s betting on a bold pivot.

Max Verstappen’s stellar 2023 run put Red Bull in a comfy lead, Helmut Marko spilled to Kleine Zeitung. “Breathing easier, for sure,” he said. The dominance let them brainstorm the new car ahead of time. “Sticking to last year’s model? Too risky,” Marko mused. They went for a shake-up, calling the car a “revolution.”

### Marko impressed with Verstappen

Marko couldn’t help but gush over the RB20, despite Red Bull not topping the charts on Thursday and Friday. Verstappen skipped the flashy, quick laps on the softest tires. Instead, he and his team focused on endurance. From the sidelines, Marko watched, impressed. Verstappen’s final long run? “Impressive,” Marko declared. The Dutchman’s consistent, swift laps hinted at a strong showing in Bahrain next weekend. Confidence levels? Sky-high.

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