Red Bull Management Praises Dennis & Hadjar: Very Good

Red Bull Racing is pleased with the performances of Jake Dennis and Isack Hadjar, who finished 16th and 17th respectively, with Christian Horner praising their work during a press conference and Helmut Marko also expressing satisfaction with their performance.


‣ Red Bull Racing is pleased with the performances of Jake Dennis and Isack Hadjar, despite their 16th and 17th finishes.
‣ Christian Horner, team principal at Red Bull Racing, praised the drivers for their work with the fuel loads and engine settings.
‣ Horner also highlighted the usefulness of comparing the virtual world of simulator running with the real world of Grand Prix racing.
‣ Helmut Marko, advisor to Red Bull Racing, expressed satisfaction with the drivers, particularly noting the importance of Dennis’s role as the main simulator driver.

Red Bull Racing is pretty chuffed with Jake Dennis and Isack Hadjar’s performances. Despite finishing 16th and 17th, Christian Horner, the team’s big boss, isn’t sweating the small stuff.

“I reckon they did a bang-up job,” Horner said in a press conference after the first free practice. “Considering the fuel loads and engine settings they were dealing with, they held their own pretty well.”

For Jake, it was a huge leap from a Formula E car to Formula One Power. It was so fast, in fact, that he had to tighten his crash helmet due to the speed he was hitting. “I thought both lads did a cracking job,” Horner added.

It was a useful exercise for the team to compare the virtual world of simulator running, where Isack and Jake have been spending a lot of time this year, with the real world. Plus, it was a fantastic opportunity for them to get a feel for a Grand Prix car.

But was there pressure on Dennis and Hadjar? “Oh, a tonne,” Horner admitted. “They knew if they messed up, they wouldn’t get another shot. But they both did well and gave clear feedback. It was useful not just for this race but for future projects.”

Helmut Marko, another bigwig at Red Bull Racing, also expressed his satisfaction. He told ORF, “Jake Dennis is not a junior, he’s in his 20s, but he’s our main simulator driver. It was important that he could compare sim with reality.”

Marko, an 80-year-old Austrian, also had a few words to say about Hadjar, who’s just 19. “He was only a tenth slower until the last lap. Then a dangerous situation arose with the Aston Martin. But he also did his job well.”

So, all in all, it seems like a good day at the races for Red Bull Racing.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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