Red Bull Shifts Attention to 2025 F1 Car, Claims RB20 is Already Six Months Old

Red Bull Racing has begun development on its 2025 Formula 1 car, the RB21, after identifying areas for improvement in the RB20, and is also preparing for the new engine regulations and a new generation of F1 cars arriving in 2026.


‣ Red Bull Racing has already started developing the RB20 in mid-2023 and is slowly shifting its focus towards the RB21 for the next year.
‣ Despite winning 21 out of 22 races in the previous season, Red Bull Racing identified some weaknesses in the RB19 that it wants to address in the RB20.
‣ The Austrian team is already looking beyond 2024, with the RB20 being at least six months old and attention already shifting to the RB21.
‣ Red Bull may have the freedom to start focusing on the 2026 season early due to new engine regulations and a new generation of F1 cars arriving, along with a homebuilt engine through a collaboration between Red Bull Powertrains and Ford.

Formula 1 teams are always on the move. They’re not just working on their 2024 cars, but they’re also peering into the future. Red Bull Racing, for instance, kicked off the development of their RB20 back in mid-2023. Now, their gaze is slowly shifting to the RB21 for the upcoming year.

Red Bull’s Eyes on the 2025 Prize

Red Bull was on fire in 2023. Led by Christian Horner, they were in such a commanding position that they could afford to shift their focus early to the RB20 for 2024. Despite bagging 21 victories in 22 races the previous season, they spotted some chinks in the RB19’s armor that they’re keen to iron out in the RB20.

Ben Waterhouse, the Head of Performance Engineering, had a chat with Racecar Engineering. He admitted, “The RB19 wasn’t perfect. Remember Singapore? That’s when some weaknesses came to light. We’ve got areas to work on, whether it’s high-speed or low-speed performance. But hey, the car had its strengths too. We’re looking to build on those while tackling its critical issues.”

Red Bull: ‘Our RB21 is Already Half a Year Old’

Waterhouse also gave us a glimpse into Red Bull’s future plans. He revealed that the Austrian team is already thinking beyond 2024. “The RB20? That’s old news. It’s at least six months old. We’re already shifting our focus to the RB21, even though the new season hasn’t kicked off yet,” he said.

This early shift could give Red Bull a head start for 2026. That’s a crucial year, with new engine regulations coming into play and a fresh generation of F1 cars hitting the tracks. Plus, Red Bull will be sporting a homegrown engine, thanks to a partnership between Red Bull Powertrains and Ford. Any extra time they can spend on the 2026 car is a big deal. But let’s not forget, teams can’t start working on the new car before 2025. So, it’s a waiting game.

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