Red Bull Staff Praises Newey as Irreplaceable

Adrian Newey, who has won 13 world titles with Red Bull Racing, remains invaluable to the team despite being 65 years old and involved in many other projects, according to technical director Pierre Waché, who describes Newey as irreplaceable and the most experienced engineer on the F1 grid.


‣ Adrian Newey, a master designer, has won 13 world titles with Red Bull Racing, making him invaluable to the team.
‣ Despite not being involved with the race cars on a daily basis, Newey remains involved in designing the cars and is considered irreplaceable by the team’s technical director, Pierre Waché.
‣ Newey is currently serving as a sounding board for the team, challenging them on various aspects of the team’s design and dynamics.
‣ Newey’s extensive experience in Formula 1, including his time at Williams and McLaren, makes him the most experienced engineer on the F1 grid.

Adrian Newey’s stats are the stuff of dreams. His partnership with Red Bull Racing alone has bagged 13 world titles. Seven of these are in the drivers championship, with Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen taking home four and three titles respectively. The remaining six are in the constructors championship. Now 65, Newey’s still got his hands full with various projects. But according to the Austrian team, he’s still a priceless asset.

Newey’s British, and he’s still knee-deep in car design. Pierre Waché, the technical director, is pretty pleased about it. “He’s irreplaceable, yes – you cannot replace him!” Waché told But Newey’s not in the garage every day, tinkering with the race cars. “He’s more coming from the side and trying to help us or challenge us on different aspects of the team – it could be mechanical design, aero or vehicle dynamics.”

Newey’s got a knack for pushing people

Waché says that Newey’s more of a sounding board these days. The team members bounce ideas off him. “And after, he’s challenging us. I tell you I would say more challenging than [agreeing],” Waché, Red Bull Racing’s technical boss, chuckled.

Newey’s a one-of-a-kind guy in the Formula 1 world. He’s been with Red Bull Racing for nearly two decades. Before that, he was with Williams and McLaren, where he also had a successful run. Waché believes Newey is “the most experienced on the entire F1 grid in terms of engineering”.

As for how long Newey will stick around at Red Bull, that’s anyone’s guess. He might retire, but there’s no sign that he’s planning to split from the top F1 team of the moment anytime soon.

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