Red Bull Star Dennis Skips Formula 1: It Just Made Sense

Jake Dennis, the 28-year-old British Formula E world champion, has extended his contract with Andretti’s Formula E team until the end of 2025, despite impressing in his first official session in Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing.


‣ Jake Dennis, the Formula E world champion, made a notable debut in an official Formula 1 session, driving Max Verstappen‘s RB19 during FP1 in Abu Dhabi.
‣ Despite his successful stint in Formula 1, Dennis has decided not to pursue a career in the sport in the coming years.
‣ Dennis has extended his contract with Andretti’s Formula E team until the end of 2025, expressing satisfaction with his relationship with the team and its future prospects.
‣ It remains uncertain whether Dennis will continue to serve as a simulator driver for Red Bull Racing.

Jake Dennis, at 28, has made quite a name for himself. The British racer has not only snagged the Formula E world title, but he’s also made a splash in his first official Formula 1 session. He got to sit in Max Verstappen’s RB19 during FP1 in Abu Dhabi. A few days later, he was back in the Red Bull Racing car for a test run.

2023 was a big year for Dennis in Formula E. He won the championship and tasted the thrill of Formula 1 racing with Red Bull. But don’t expect him to chase an F1 career anytime soon. He’s sticking with Andretti’s Formula E team, having extended his contract until 2025.

Dennis and Andretti have a solid working relationship. “I’m very happy with Andretti,” Dennis shared. He’s been with them since his Formula E debut, back when they were partnered with BMW. “Michael and I have a really good relationship. It just makes sense. We’re excited about the future,” he added.

The team is also investing heavily in its future. They’re building a new workshop in Indianapolis, and their UK base in Banbury is a convenient location for Dennis. “I live in the UK, so it’s easier for me, especially with the simulator work. There are a lot of positives and no real negatives. I’m excited to extend the contract until the end of Gen3,” he said.

However, it’s still up in the air whether Dennis will continue as a simulator driver for Red Bull Racing. So, stay tuned for more updates on that front.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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