Red Bull Turmoil Far From Over: Calm Before the Storm

The calm at Red Bull Racing is deceptive as the team faces internal turmoil and media scrutiny over allegations against team boss Christian Horner, with Max Verstappen‘s future uncertain and the situation expected to escalate at the Australian Grand Prix.


‣ Calm appears to have returned at Red Bull Racing, but the situation remains tense with the woman accusing Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior appealing and involving the FIA’s ethics committee.

‣ Max Verstappen and his camp are in a position where they believe Christian Horner should leave Red Bull Racing, indicating potential instability within the team and affecting Verstappen’s future with them.

‣ Adrian Newey will not be present in Melbourne, focusing on developing the RB17, while Helmut Marko will attend amid controversies surrounding alleged leaks about Horner.

‣ The British press, particularly The Daily Mail, is intensively covering the allegations against Horner, raising questions about his past actions and relationships, thereby keeping the controversy in the spotlight.

Oh, Red Bull Racing. It seems like they’ve hit a bit of a quiet patch, huh? But don’t let that fool you. No new dirt on Christian Horner has surfaced in the past few days. And the team? They’ve kept their lips sealed. But, you know how it goes—it’s that eerie silence before everything hits the fan. With the accuser not backing down and knocking on the FIA’s door, Australia’s Grand Prix weekend is shaping up to be a firecracker.

Max Verstappen’s touching down in Melbourne soon. The scene? Well, it’s the same old drama-filled Red Bull Racing he waved off in Jeddah. The word on the street is that Verstappen’s crew isn’t too keen on Horner sticking around. And Max? He might just walk if things don’t change. With Horner around, you bet Max will be dodging those awkward questions about the team’s vibe and his own future plans.

### No Newey, but Marko’s in the House

So, Adrian Newey’s not making the trip to Melbourne. He’s back in England, pouring his genius into the RB17, Red Bull’s next big thing on wheels. But guess who’s showing up? Helmut Marko. After the whole “will he, won’t he be suspended” drama in Saudi Arabia, thanks to some leaky gossip about Horner, Marko’s in the clear. Mainly because Verstappen laid it out straight: “If Helmut’s out, I’m out.” Media folks will be all over Marko, trying to get the scoop on the Jeddah jazz.

And Horner? He’s not off the hook. The buzz is that he’ll be grilled about the appeal and the ethics complaint in Australia. His last media dance in Jeddah was, let’s say, a bit prickly. Will he switch up his moves in Melbourne? Eh, I wouldn’t bet on it.

### British Press is Thirsty for the Tea

The British tabloids are having a field day. The Daily Mail alone has churned out a whopping 200 pieces on this saga. And they’re all asking: “Why won’t Horner just come clean about the affair?” Rumor has it, it’s a classic tale of boss-employee romance gone sour. Plus, Horner’s past switcheroo from his first wife to Spice Girl Geri Halliwell just adds more spice to the gossip stew.

The accuser’s lawyered up with someone new, who’s probably buried in case files as we speak. So, don’t hold your breath for any bombshells before the Melbourne Grand Prix. And the FIA’s ethics committee? They’re taking their sweet time. So, yeah, the Grand Prix is still on. And sure as the sun rises, all eyes will be on Horner and the Red Bull drama. My two cents? Japan’s Grand Prix will be a replay of this soap opera.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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