Ricciardo Aims to Make Marko Smile: Understanding What’s Important

Daniel Ricciardo is eyeing a return to Red Bull Racing after Sergio Perez‘s contract ends in 2024, focusing on impressing Helmut Marko and proving his worth in the current season with Visa Cash App RB, while feeling confident and motivated at his current team.


‣ Daniel Ricciardo is eyeing a potential return to Red Bull Racing after Sergio Perez’s contract expires in 2024, with his performance at Visa Cash App RB (VCARB) being a critical factor.

‣ Helmut Marko, a key decision-maker at Red Bull Racing, has not set specific targets for Ricciardo, but the Australian driver believes he knows what is required to impress and secure a seat.

‣ Ricciardo is motivated and confident in his abilities, aiming to prove himself further in Formula One, and is currently satisfied with his position at VCARB.

Daniel Ricciardo’s upcoming season with Visa Cash App RB (VCARB) is stirring up quite the buzz. How will the Italians fare with more Red Bull parts in their arsenal? And there’s more on Ricciardo’s mind. He’s eyeing a bigger prize: a spot next to Max Verstappen at Red Bull. With Sergio Perez’s contract ending after 2024, Ricciardo’s in the running to make a comeback.

Now, Helmut Marko is the key player here. He’s likely the one to decide Ricciardo’s fate at Red Bull Racing. You’d think, at 80, Marko’s laid out clear targets for Ricciardo to hit for a seat at Red Bull. But when the official Formula 1 website asked, Ricciardo played it cool. No specific targets, he says.

### Ricciardo is not done with Formula One yet

“But I know him,” Ricciardo quips. He doesn’t need the explicit goals. He’s aware of the expectations. “I can talk about Mexico,” he muses, reflecting on past races. That weekend, a mere glance from Marko, a smile, was all the confirmation Ricciardo needed. “That’s the Daniel I know,” that smile said. So, making Marko smile? That’s the game plan.

Ricciardo’s feeling good about his place at VCARB. “I’ve still got it,” he asserts, confidence not waning. He’s in it to prove something more, to himself and everyone watching. “We’re in a good place,” he concludes, optimism in his voice.

So, there you have it. Ricciardo’s not just racing; he’s on a mission. A mission to prove he’s still got what it takes, to make Marko smile, and maybe, just maybe, secure that coveted seat at Red Bull. The journey ahead? It’s anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for sure: Ricciardo’s not backing down. Not now, not ever.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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