Ricciardo Clarifies: No Second RB19 for Fans

Despite a new livery and team name, Visa Cash App RB, with Daniel Ricciardo driving again, the car has only evolved slightly from last season, with realistic expectations for performance improvements.


– ‣ Red Bull Racing’s subsidiary has been rebranded to Visa Cash App RB, retaining the same driver lineup with Daniel Ricciardo making a comeback.
– ‣ Despite the team’s name change, Daniel Ricciardo emphasizes that the car itself hasn’t undergone a fundamental transformation but acknowledges improvements from the previous season.
– ‣ Ricciardo notes the car’s development, especially when comparing its performance to the version before the updates introduced in Abu Dhabi.
– ‣ The driver maintains a realistic outlook for the upcoming season, acknowledging incremental gains but recognizing the need for further improvements to compete for top positions.

Oh, the buzz! Red Bull Racing’s got a fresh coat of paint and a snazzy new name – Visa Cash App RB. But guess what? The faces in the driver’s seats haven’t changed a bit. Yep, Daniel Ricciardo’s back in the game, sliding into the cockpit mid-season last year after Nyck de Vries waved goodbye. And he’s not going anywhere this season either.

Now, don’t get it twisted. Just because the team’s sporting a new label doesn’t mean the car’s undergone a magical transformation overnight. Ricciardo’s quick to set the record straight. “Fans were all hyped up, thinking we’d roll out something straight from a sci-fi flick. But nah, it’s not that. Really, it isn’t.”

### Car did get better according to Ricciardo
But hold up, there’s a twist. According to our laid-back Aussie, the car’s not the same old ride. “We’ve definitely pushed the envelope since last year,” he says, cracking a grin. “It’s tricky, though. We’re stacking it up against the version that hit the tracks in Abu Dhabi, fresh updates and all. If we rewind to the race before that? Man, it’s like we’ve leaped forward. But honestly, it’s more of a step-by-step kind of deal.”

Ricciardo, now 34, keeps his feet on the ground when talking shop about the upcoming F1 season. “We’ve made some strides, sure. But if we’re aiming to break into Q3s and snag top 10 finishes, there’s a road ahead. Yet, I’m not down about it. Just keeping it 100% real. Let’s roll with what we’ve got and see where it takes us.”

So, there you have it. New name, same game, with a sprinkle of optimism and a dash of reality. Ricciardo’s ready to rev up and dive into the fray, eyes on the prize, with the same old fire but perhaps, in a slightly spiffier car. Let the races begin!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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