Ricciardo grateful for near miss with frisbee

Daniel Ricciardo‘s car was struck by a tyre from Alex Albon’s car during the Brazil Grand Prix, causing his rear wing to break off, although mechanic’s were able to fix it allowing him to continue, leading to frustration as he feels pace was strong, but now looks forward to the next race in Las Vegas.


– Daniel Ricciardo’s car was hit by Alex Albon’s tyre canvas, causing the rear wing to break off
‣ Ricciardo was grateful that the loose tyre did not hit him on the head at high speed
‣ Ricciardo saw a big crash at the race start and the tyre flying towards him
‣ Despite the damage, Ricciardo was glad for the swift work of his mechanics and was looking forward to the next race in Las Vegas.

Daniel Ricciardo faced quite a scare during the Brazilian Grand Prix as the tyre canvas from Alex Albon’s car hit his AlphaTauri, breaking off the rear wing. After the red flag, Ricciardo was grateful to continue racing. He stated, “It was a messy race start. I saw quite a big crash in front of me, and there was a lot of debris. I felt like I was getting through it, but at a certain point, I saw a tyre flying in the air, like a frisbee, which was starting to get closer. I checked my mirrors and saw the tyre had hit and damaged my rear wing.”

Upon reflection, Ricciardo expressed gratitude for being alive and carefully considered the implications of what could have been a life-threatening situation. He emphasized, “I think we made some good progress throughout this weekend, and I’m happy with that seeing as it’s a track that has never been a strong one for me. I believe I could’ve contributed quite a lot to the team in scoring points today if only we didn’t restart the race one lap down.”

Despite having to restart from the pitlane, Ricciardo’s mechanics worked diligently to ensure that he was able to continue racing. Looking ahead, Ricciardo stated, “I’m now looking forward to Las Vegas.” The Australian driver’s resilience shone through as he continued to focus on future opportunities, even after a potentially dangerous situation.

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