Ricciardo Predicts Realistic Result for VCARB in 2024

Daniel Ricciardo is optimistic about the upcoming F1 season with Visa Cash App RB, aiming for a top-five finish among constructors and eyeing podium opportunities, after a challenging period including being sidelined and a stint with AlphaTauri in 2023.


‣ Daniel Ricciardo has high hopes for the upcoming F1 season with Visa Cash App RB, aiming for a top five finish among constructors and hoping to celebrate with a ‘Shoey’ again.

‣ After a period of fewer podium finishes post his tenure at Red Bull Racing, Ricciardo is excited to start a full F1 season in 2024, following a year of setbacks in 2023.

‣ Ricciardo aims to aim high but remain realistic about his chances, targeting top five finishes and possibly achieving podiums as he believes the team has made significant progress.

Daniel Ricciardo? Oh, he’s buzzing with optimism for the next F1 season. He’s teamed up with Visa Cash App RB, and boy, does he have plans. Aiming for a top-five finish among constructors? You bet. And, get this, he’s even dreaming of pulling off a ‘Shoey’ celebration again. Remember those?

It’s been ages since we’ve seen Ricciardo basking in the glory on the podium. Back in his Red Bull Racing days, the Australian was a regular there, bagging seven Grand Prix wins. But then, things kinda dried up. With Renault, he managed a few podium finishes before snagging one last victory with McLaren.

### Why Ricciardo is excited again

2024’s the year Ricciardo’s making his full comeback in F1. Yeah, 2023 was a bit of a rollercoaster, with him stepping in for Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri, only to be sidelined by a broken bone. But 2024? He’s all in, eyeing the podium with that trademark grin.

“You gotta shoot for the stars, right?” he quips. But he’s no rookie. He knows the game and the importance of keeping expectations in check. “Aiming for top fives seems fair,” he muses. And who knows? From there, a podium spot might just be within reach. Winning’s the dream, of course. “We made progress last year,” he reflects. “Let’s ramp it up a notch,” he tells Formula1.com, his excitement palpable.

So, there you have it. Ricciardo’s back, fueled by dreams and ready to chase them down. Will we see him do a ‘Shoey’ in 2024? Fingers crossed.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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