Ricciardo Prioritizes Racing Over Being The Entertainer

Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, known for his cheerful personality and humor, has decided to prioritize his racing career over his public persona, cutting back on activities outside of the sport to focus on his performance and recovery.


‣ Daniel Ricciardo is a popular figure in Formula 1, known for his cheerful personality and sense of humor.
‣ There has been a perception that Ricciardo is more of an entertainer than a serious racer, something he has been working to change.
‣ Ricciardo has cut back on activities outside of racing to ensure that his primary focus remains on his performance in the sport.
‣ With the busy Formula 1 calendar, Ricciardo has found it challenging to find time for interests outside of the sport, and has been focusing on his health and recovery.

Daniel Ricciardo is the perfect face for Formula 1 and his team, Red Bull Racing. Next season, he’ll be seen with AlphaTauri. He’s a cheerful guy, a great guest on talk shows, and always ready with a joke. But sometimes, people forget that this Australian is, first and foremost, a brilliant Formula 1 driver.

Last season, an awkward situation arose. A local journalist in Austin asked Ricciardo if he was in F1 mainly for PR reasons, rather than his racing skills. It was Daniel Ricciardo, the entertainer, not Daniel Ricciardo, the driver. Recalling that moment in the American city, the veteran driver could only say: “Aw!”

It was a wake-up call for Ricciardo. He realized people saw him more as a joker than a serious racer. “I’ve definitely cut back on a lot of things outside of racing, for sure. I still have some other interests outside of the sport, which I’m involved in, and I enjoy, but I’ve minimised a lot. And I’m really just trying to make sure that… I think it always has been, but to obviously make the racing the priority.”

With the increasingly crowded calendar, it’s hard for Ricciardo to find time for things unrelated to Formula 1. When he’s not at the track, he’s either working out or resting. “It’s easy to get a little bit – I don’t even want to say lost – but there’s just so much going on. And there’s so many things that you can be doing, and it’s all really exciting and really fun,” he said.

“But I think probably having time off for the start of the year, I realised that I was probably just doing too much sometimes and probably not prioritising myself in terms of my body and my recovery and all that. So yeah, in a long way of saying it, just try to focus on that,” Ricciardo said.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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