Ricciardo & Verstappen’s Role in Keeping Sergio Perez at Red Bull

Sergio Perez‘s position at Red Bull Racing is strengthening due to his consistent performance and the lack of strong impressions from Daniel Ricciardo, Yuki Tsunoda, and the uncertainty surrounding Max Verstappen‘s future with the team.


‣ Sergio Perez’s position at Red Bull Racing has stabilized early in the 2024 season, thanks to his consistent performance and the struggles of his teammates and potential rivals for his seat.

‣ Daniel Ricciardo is under pressure to perform at Red Bull Racing, with his current performance reminiscent of his disappointing stint with McLaren, raising doubts about his future with the team.

‣ Yuki Tsunoda has not made a significant impact this season, diminishing his chances of being promoted within the Red Bull Racing team hierarchy.

‣ Max Verstappen’s future at Red Bull Racing is uncertain, with speculation about a potential move to Mercedes, which could impact the team’s driver lineup decisions for 2025.

Oh, Sergio Perez. For a whole year, the guy couldn’t catch a break. Every. Single. Week. The same nagging question: “Scared of losing your Red Bull Racing seat, Sergio?” But hey, just two races into 2024, and it’s like everyone’s suddenly lost interest in pestering him. Big thanks to the trio of chaos: Daniel Ricciardo, Yuki Tsunoda, and, of course, Max Verstappen.

Now, about that Saudi Grand Prix. What a spin, right? Daniel Ricciardo, bless him, was already having a day to forget. Way back, making friends with the backstretch, and then – bam! A rookie move. Just when you thought his race couldn’t get any worse. And let’s not even start on the week before. Needed a little help from his Visa Cash App RB to sneak past Tsunoda. Ended up 13th. Not 14th, but still.

Ricciardo’s not exactly shining bright at the moment. Feels like we’re seeing the McLaren-era Daniel again. Out of form and, frankly, dragging his feet. Helmut Marko’s dropping hints left and right. Daniel better step up his game if he wants to stick around at Red Bull Racing post-2025. The clock’s ticking for our 34-year-old veteran.

Yuki Tsunoda: Not Quite There Yet

Yuki Tsunoda’s season? Eh, not too hot either. Made some noise with his Bahrain GP outburst, sure. But as for racing? Not so much. Red Bull might’ve given him a glance if he’d shown some spark. As it stands, though, nobody’s rushing to offer him a promotion.

And then there’s Max Verstappen. Talk about a cliffhanger. Rumors are swirling about his future with Red Bull Racing. GPblog’s got everyone on the edge of their seats, hinting at a possible move. Mercedes, of all places, could be rolling out the welcome mat for our three-time world champ.

As for Perez? Cool as a cucumber. Doing exactly what’s expected of him. Two second-place finishes, both a respectful distance behind Verstappen. Just what the Red Bull bosses ordered. If he keeps this up, why wouldn’t they renew his contract?

Sergio Perez: The Calm in the Storm

Perez must be feeling pretty good about now. With Ricciardo and Tsunoda not exactly setting the world on fire, and Verstappen’s future up in the air, his seat’s looking more secure by the minute. Red Bull might be getting a bit nervous, though. The thought of hunting for not one, but two drivers for 2025? Yikes.

Let’s not forget, the driver market’s about to explode. But the big names – think Leclerc, Hamilton, Norris, Piastri – they’re in another league. Red Bull could handle one “lesser god,” but two? That’s pushing it.

Perez, meanwhile, is sitting pretty. No one’s expecting him to outshine Verstappen. Just keep bagging those second places, and he’s golden. Considering how things are shaping up, sticking with Perez seems like a no-brainer for Red Bull. Honestly, it’s the smartest move they’ve got.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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