Rosberg Mercedes Comeback: Replacing Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025, sparking speculation about his replacement, while Nico Rosberg, despite being a potential candidate age-wise, has ruled out a return to Formula 1, citing a lack of competitiveness and the intensive preparation required after a long break.


– ‣ Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025, sparking early speculation about his replacement.
– ‣ Nico Rosberg, despite being a former world champion and of competitive age, has ruled out a return to Formula 1, citing a lack of interest and the intensive preparation required to compete again.
– ‣ Rosberg emphasizes the physical and mental demands of F1, acknowledging that his ability to react quickly at top speeds has diminished after a long break from racing.

So, here’s the scoop: Lewis Hamilton is waving goodbye to Mercedes when this season wraps up. Yep, you heard it right. This leaves one heck of a spot open in Formula 1. Now, before you even think it, Toto Wolff isn’t dialing up Nico Rosberg. And why’s that? Well, Rosberg doesn’t see the point in making a grand F1 return.

Hamilton’s gearing up to switch lanes from Mercedes to Ferrari come 2025. And just like that, the Silly Season’s kicked off way ahead of schedule. The rumor mill’s churning, with names like Sebastian Vettel popping up as potential Hamilton replacements. Even David Coulthard couldn’t resist cracking a joke about it online. And then there’s Rosberg, 38 and technically still young enough for a comeback. But, nah, he’s not biting.

### Why Rosberg does not want to return to F1
“Done deal. No comeback on the horizon for me,” Rosberg spilled the beans to Süddeutsche Zeitung. The guy hung up his F1 gloves back in 2016 after snagging his first and only world title with Mercedes. That year was a beast, and Rosberg decided he’d had his fill.

While his old rivals, Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, are still burning rubber on the F1 tracks, Rosberg’s betting he’s not up to scratch anymore. “To get back in the game, I’d need a year of hardcore prep, just to get my brain back in the zone. A driver’s gotta have lightning-fast reactions at those speeds. And me? I’ve lost that edge after taking a long break,” Rosberg reflected.

So, there you have it. Rosberg’s chapter in F1? It’s closed, folks. But hey, the F1 world keeps spinning, with or without him.

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