Russell Claims Higher Performance Level in 2023 Compared to 2022

Despite finishing eighth in the 2023 championship and scoring 59 points less than his teammate Lewis Hamilton, British driver George Russell believes he improved as a driver and is confident that better results will come with continued high-level performance.


‣ George Russell finished eighth in the 2023 season, with 59 points less than his teammate Lewis Hamilton who finished third.
‣ Despite not having as many points, Russell believes he improved as a driver in 2023, rating his performance as 8.5/10 compared to 7/10 in 2022.
‣ Russell only finished on the podium twice in 2023, with his last podium finish at the final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.
‣ Russell is confident that if he continues to perform at a high level, the results will eventually come, as he believes his pace is strong.

George Russell had a peculiar season. The Brit found himself trailing his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, in many areas throughout the season.

The gap in points and final championship ranking was quite significant. Hamilton secured third place, while Russell only managed to finish eighth, falling behind by 59 points. Regardless, Russell feels that he made progress as a driver in 2023.

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, really. Russell bagged his first and only Grand Prix win in 2022. He insists, though, that he became a better driver in 2023. In a chat with ESPN, he shared his self-assessment. “If I took last year and rated it, I’d say my performance was a 7/10, results were 9/10. This year, performance 8.5/10, results 4/10,” he said.

Russell’s betting on better results

Russell finds it “funny” because he feels he’s raced better, with improved pace. The results, however, didn’t match up. He only made it to the podium twice in 2023, with his last appearance at the final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

But he’s not sweating it. He’s confident that if he keeps up his high-level performance, the results will follow. “At the end of the day, we’re not fighting for the world championship this year. Through those lack of results, you’re building that toolbox of experience. I know it’s only going to make me stronger. So, I’m not too concerned that the results haven’t been there because the pace is there. And if the pace is there, the results will inevitably come.”

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