Russell Surprised by Alonso Crash: Braking & Accelerating Pattern Revealed

George Russell experienced a high-impact crash in Australia due to an unexpected maneuver by Fernando Alonso, who has been summoned by stewards for investigation, while Russell came away unharmed but disappointed.


‣ George Russell experienced a high-impact crash in Australia, coming away unscathed despite battling Fernando Alonso for position and ultimately not scoring points.

‣ Russell described being caught by surprise due to Alonso’s erratic braking and acceleration, leading to a loss of control and a significant crash.

‣ The incident between Russell and Alonso is under investigation by the stewards, with Alonso having been summoned to explain his actions during the race.

‣ Alonso reported having throttle problems during the race, which could serve as an extenuating circumstance in the stewards’ investigation of the crash.

George Russell had a shocker down in Australia. Picture this: a high-speed crash that could’ve ended badly. But hey, he walked away without a scratch. The guy’s ranked eighth in the world championship, you know. He was duking it out with Fernando Alonso for the sixth spot. Ended up with zilch, though. No points. Nada. He spilled the beans to Sky Sports.

So, Russell’s like, “Fernando totally caught me off guard.” Imagine, just half a second behind the guy. Alonso’s playing with the pedals – brake, gas, brake. Russell’s thinking, maybe the dude’s got issues? Or at least, that’s what Alonso claimed. Next thing, Russell’s losing control, veering off, and bam! Hits the wall. It was a bigger deal than it looked. Russell’s bummed, to say the least.

### Stewards on the Prowl

Now, onto the juicy bit. The stewards? They’re on Alonso like white on rice. They’ve got him explaining his side of the story. There’s this onboard footage, right? Shows Alonso, the 42-year-old Spaniard, easing off the throttle big time as he’s about to hit turn six. Way more than the last lap. Smells like a brake test, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s a twist. Alonso’s been on the radio, moaning about his throttle acting up. Says he can’t push it to the max. So, maybe, just maybe, he’s got a legit excuse. The stewards are scratching their heads, verdict’s still up in the air. Should be interesting, huh?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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