Sainz Bids Farewell to Personal Trainer Joining Verstappen’s Team

Max Verstappen will have a new personal trainer, Rupert Manwaring, in 2024, replacing Bradley Scanes, and Manwaring has previous experience training Formula 1 drivers including Carlos Sainz.


‣ Max Verstappen will have a new personal trainer, Rupert Manwaring, starting in 2024.
‣ Rupert Manwaring has previous experience training Formula 1 drivers, including Carlos Sainz.
‣ Manwaring’s father has a long history in Formula 1, having been a team manager for several teams.
‣ Carlos Sainz has publicly bid farewell to Manwaring, his personal trainer for eight years, in an emotional Instagram post.

Max Verstappen’s got a new personal trainer lined up for 2024. Rupert Manwaring’s the guy, stepping in for Bradley Scanes. Scanes and Verstappen, along with Red Bull Racing, called it quits after 2023.

Manwaring’s not new to the Formula 1 scene. He’s got eight years under his belt as a personal trainer. Remember Carlos Sainz? Verstappen’s old Toro Rosso teammate? Yeah, Manwaring was his guy. Followed him to Renault, McLaren, and Ferrari.

And get this. Manwaring’s dad was a big deal in Formula 1 too. Spent about 30 years as a team manager. Brabham, Lotus, Minardi, you name it. So, you could say Formula 1’s in Manwaring Jr’s DNA.

Sainz Bids Adieu to His Trainer

Speaking of Sainz, he’s been saying his goodbyes to Manwaring. Posted an emotional video on Instagram. His caption? “8 years can’t be summed up in one video but here is a little taste of what it has meant! 2023 has been @p1_coach’s last season as part of Team 55 and I wouldn’t know how to thank you for all your work, dedication and support during these years. We didn’t just train, we fought together for the same goals. Had a blast doing it too! All the best, Ruperto!”

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