Sainz Decision: Choosing Between Audi & Mercedes

Carlos Sainz, initially hoping to renew his contract with Ferrari, is now exploring new options for his future in Formula 1 after Lewis Hamilton‘s move to Ferrari for 2025, with Sainz considering a careful decision-making process despite his desire for clarity before the 2024 season.


‣ Carlos Sainz seeks clarity on his future before the 2024 season but faces uncertainty due to Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025.

‣ Despite ruling out Red Bull Racing, Sainz has several options for his career, with Mercedes and Audi (Stake F1) showing interest.

‣ Sainz acknowledges the need for a careful decision-making process regarding his future, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming years in his career.

‣ While focusing on his final season with Ferrari, Sainz plans to evaluate all options and offers, relying on his management team to handle negotiations as he concentrates on performing well in races.

Carlos Sainz had a clear wish. He wanted to know where he’d stand before the 2024 season kicked off. He hoped to stick with Ferrari, dreaming of a multi-year deal. But then, Lewis Hamilton decided to shake things up. Announcing a move to Scuderia for 2025, he left Sainz scrambling for a new gig.

Sainz made it clear – Red Bull Racing wasn’t on his radar. Yet, the two-time Grand Prix champ wasn’t short on options. Mercedes might be eyeing him as Hamilton’s heir. And then there’s Audi, or Stake F1 as they’re now called, who’ve got Sainz on their top-priority list.

### Sainz realises it will be a ‘longer process’
But Sainz isn’t rushing this. Despite his initial hopes, he told the press, including GPblog, that things have gotten a bit more complicated. “It’s gonna be a longer process,” he admitted. The next three or four years are crucial for him, and he’s determined to land in the right spot at the right time.

He’s got a plan. List out all the options, hear everyone out, and then, and only then, make a decision. But there’s still a season with Ferrari to tackle. “I can juggle both,” he says. With a solid team behind him, he’s all in for Bahrain, ready to hit the ground running. The future? It’ll sort itself out, bit by bit.

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