Sainz Discusses Trainer Departure: Max Likely Pleased

Carlos Sainz parted ways with his long-time personal trainer Rupert Manwaring, who has now teamed up with Max Verstappen, a move Sainz is at peace with, citing the natural divergence of their paths after eight years of collaboration.


‣ Carlos Sainz and his long-time personal trainer Rupert Manwaring decided to part ways, with Sainz expressing that it was time for both to move on due to their lives heading in different directions.

‣ Max Verstappen ended his partnership with Bradley Scanes and subsequently formed a new partnership with Rupert Manwaring, Sainz’s former trainer.

‣ Sainz expressed no issues with Manwaring’s decision to work with Verstappen, highlighting the positive and fruitful 8 years they spent together and wishing him the best in his new role.

‣ Despite the changes off the track, Sainz continued his professional commitments, participating in the winter test in Bahrain with Ferrari’s new SF-24, although he and his teammate Charles Leclerc were unable to match Verstappen’s times during the session.

Carlos Sainz waved farewell to Rupert Manwaring, his long-time personal trainer, this year. It was a significant change. Max Verstappen, on the other hand, parted ways with Bradley Scanes. Then, out of the blue, Verstappen and Manwaring teamed up.

Sainz? He’s cool with it. He mentioned they just picked different roads to travel.

### Sainz on how his trainer left
Before he could even rev up Ferrari’s new SF-24 at the Bahrain International Circuit, Sainz faced the media. Suddenly, ‘his’ trainer was in Verstappen’s corner. But, Sainz shrugged it off. No biggie.

“We’ve been 8 years together,” Sainz reminisced to GPblog and the rest. He had a smile. “Great times, honestly. A real pleasure. But hey, things change, right? Our lives took different turns. He’s in the UK; I’m split between Italy and Spain. So, it was time. I wish him all the best. Max is in for a treat.”

Then came Sainz’s moment in the Bahrain winter test spotlight. It was Wednesday afternoon. Both he and Charles Leclerc, his teammate, gave it their all. Yet, as the day wrapped up, Verstappen’s times in the Red Bull Racing’s RB20 were untouchable.

Life, like racing, is unpredictable. One day you’re in sync, and the next, you’re on diverging paths. But that’s the thrill of it, isn’t it?

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