Sainz & Mercedes Hold Initial Discussions

Carlos Sainz is considering a move to Mercedes for his future in Formula 1 after Lewis Hamilton‘s announced departure to Ferrari and amidst speculation about other potential team shifts, including Max Verstappen to Mercedes and Sainz’s own links to Audi, which enters F1 in 2026.


‣ With Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari in 2025 and Charles Leclerc‘s contract extension, Carlos Sainz is exploring new team options, with Mercedes being a strong possibility.

‣ Carlos Sainz’s team reportedly had a meeting with Mercedes, indicating potential discussions about Sainz joining the team, especially since there’s an available spot next to George Russell for the next year.

‣ Speculation about Max Verstappen moving to Mercedes is circulating, given the ongoing situation within Red Bull Racing, making the possibility of Verstappen teaming up with Mercedes seem plausible.

‣ Sainz is linked with a move to Audi, but since Audi will not enter F1 until 2026, this option would not be immediate, leaving his immediate future in F1 open for speculation.

Oh boy, did you hear? Lewis Hamilton’s off to Ferrari in 2025. Yep, you heard it right. And with Charles Leclerc snug in his seat at the Italian Scuderia, Carlos Sainz is on the lookout. Needs a new gig, doesn’t he?

Since Hamilton’s bombshell dropped, whispers have been swirling. Sainz to Mercedes? Seems like more than just a rumor. Word on the street is, there’s already been a hush-hush meet-up between Sainz’s folks and the Mercedes crew.

Last weekend threw a bit of a curveball, though. Sainz was MIA. Appendicitis, of all things, right before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. No practice, no qualifying, no race. But get this – even with Sainz out of the picture, his team and Toto Wolff’s squad supposedly had a little chat before the race. Sneaky, huh?

Now, George Russell’s got his Mercedes seat warm for next year. But who’s gonna be his wingman? Enter the Max Verstappen speculation. With Red Bull Racing’s drama, Verstappen in a Mercedes suddenly doesn’t sound so far-fetched.

But wait, there’s more. Sainz and Audi? Yeah, that’s been floating around too. Though, Audi’s not hitting the F1 scene till 2026. So, what’s the deal with that meeting? Chit-chat, contract talks, or just catching up? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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