Sainz Reacts to Australia Victory: Discusses Rival’s Fortunes

Carlos Sainz won the Australian Grand Prix, benefiting from Max Verstappen‘s retirement to secure his first victory of 2024 and lead a Ferrari one-two finish, while expressing immense joy and pride in his team’s performance.


‣ Carlos Sainz won the Australian Grand Prix, marking his first victory of 2024, with Ferrari achieving a one-two finish.

‣ Sainz’s win came after Max Verstappen’s retirement and he managed to keep his teammate Charles Leclerc behind him.

‣ Despite recently undergoing surgery on his appendix, Sainz felt good during the race and was able to drive at his own pace, contributing to his victory.

‣ The win places Sainz fourth in the World Drivers’ Championship, narrowing the gap to leader Verstappen to 11 points, and brings Ferrari within four points of Red Bull Racing in the constructors’ championship.

Carlos Sainz just nailed it in the Australian Grand Prix. The guy in the Ferrari? He zoomed past everyone, especially after Max Verstappen had to bow out. And guess what? His teammate, Charles Leclerc, couldn’t catch up. This meant Ferrari scored big – a one-two finish. Sainz? He’s on cloud nine, celebrating his first 2024 win.

“Life’s wild, huh?” That’s what Sainz crackled through his radio, soaking in his team’s cheers. The Spaniard, all smiles, hopped out of his SF24. The celebration was on.

The race? “Pretty awesome,” Sainz shared with Guenther Steiner, right before hitting the podium. Despite feeling a tad stiff – cheers to a recent appendix surgery – he was in high spirits. “Pro tip? Get that appendix out,” he quipped. Classic Sainz humor.

### Sainz on victory in Melbourne

Diving deeper into the Melbourne race, Sainz was all praise. “Managed my pace like a boss,” he said, not hiding his pride in the team. That one-two finish? “Proof our grind is worth it.”

From the get-go, Sainz was on Verstappen’s tail. By lap two, he was leading. The key? “Stay sharp, no slip-ups,” he noted. Despite a potential tussle with Verstappen, brake issues on Max’s end turned the tide. “Would’ve loved a head-to-head for P1, but hey, I’ll take the win,” Sainz admitted, with a nod to Verstappen’s trophy collection.

Post-race, Sainz is sitting pretty in fourth place in the World Drivers’ Championship. Just 11 points shy of leader Verstappen. And Ferrari? They’re breathing down Red Bull Racing’s neck, trailing by a mere four points in the constructors’ championship. The season’s heating up, folks.

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