Sainz Rejects One-Year Contract Proposal from Ferrari

Ferrari is reportedly in advanced talks with Charles Leclerc for a multi-year deal and is also negotiating with Carlos Sainz, who has expressed his desire to renew his contract with the team for more than one year, despite the talks being challenging.


‣ Ferrari is reportedly in advanced talks with Charles Leclerc over a multi-year deal and hopes to keep both him and Carlos Sainz beyond the 2024 season.
‣ Contract negotiations with Carlos Sainz are proving more difficult, with the possibility of only a one-year commitment.
‣ Sainz has expressed his desire to renew his contract with Ferrari and wants clarity on his future with the team before the start of the upcoming season.
‣ Despite the difficult talks, Sainz feels valued by Ferrari and believes an agreement can be reached if both parties want it.

Ferrari’s got plans. Big ones. They’re looking to keep Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz on their roster past 2024. Leclerc’s deal? It’s almost in the bag. A multi-year mega-deal, they say. But Sainz? That’s a different story. Rumor has it, negotiations are a bit rocky. The Spaniard might only get a one-year gig.

Monday, Sainz was hanging out with one of his sponsors. Naturally, the contract situation came up. “Renewing with Ferrari is my top priority,” he said, as per SoyMotor. He wants to stick around for a while. And he wants to know where he stands before the new season kicks off.

Sainz and Ferrari: A Love Story?

Sainz didn’t spill the beans on the rumored tough talks. But he did share his wish list. “I want to extend my contract. And not just for a year,” he made clear. He’s loving life in Maranello. Feels valued by Fred Vasseur and the Ferrari fam. That’s why he’s keen to stick around.

Sainz, who’s also caught Sauber’s eye, is optimistic. He believes things will pan out with Ferrari. There’s just one catch: “If we both want it, we’ll find a way,” he said.

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