Sainz Shares First Reaction to Ferrari Exit: Prepared for Departure

Lewis Hamilton‘s move to Ferrari in 2025 means Carlos Sainz will lose his seat at the team, a development that Sainz, despite being calm and motivated for his final season with Ferrari, did not find surprising as he had insights from within the industry.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 was not a big surprise for Carlos Sainz, indicating he had prior insights into the developments within the racing community.

‣ Despite losing his seat at Ferrari to Hamilton, Sainz remains motivated and focused on performing his best in the upcoming season, viewing it as an important year and an opportunity to showcase his growth and value as a driver.

‣ Sainz is preparing intensely for his final year with Ferrari, aiming to maximize his performance and possibly contend for the world championship, which he sees as a culmination of his journey in racing.

Oh boy, did you hear? On the first of February, the motorsport world got a jolt. Lewis Hamilton, yeah, the F1 superstar, is ditching Mercedes for Ferrari come 2025. Poor Carlos Sainz, right? His seat’s getting swiped from under him. Though, let’s be real, it kinda shocked everyone. Well, almost everyone. Sainz? Not so much.

It’s been eerily quiet from Sainz’s end lately. Then, bam! Mercedes drops this bombshell about Hamilton’s exit. And what does Sainz do? He keeps it cool, releases a super brief statement. Doesn’t really spill the beans on what’s going through his mind. Later that night, Ferrari chimes in, confirming Hamilton’s on their roster for 2025.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Sainz, while chatting with Sky Italy, finally opens up. He’s unveiling his new kart, the CS55 Racing Kart, and he’s all chill. “I’m OK, calm,” he says. He’s looking ahead, focusing on his final year with Ferrari. Wants to smash it, basically. Says he’s training hard, ready to give it his all.

### Transfer was not big surprise for Sainz

Now, about that transfer news. Sainz wasn’t knocked off his feet by it. “Saw it coming,” he pretty much says. He had the inside scoop, was braced for it. He’s eyeing the future, optimistic. But hey, he’s all in for this season with Ferrari. Wants to leave a mark. He’s been on an upswing, getting better year by year. And though he’s hitting 30, he’s feeling spry and more driven than ever. He knows his worth, confident about snagging some good fortune down the road. But for now? It’s all about shining with Ferrari this year.

### Sainz remains motivated

Imagine knowing you’re out of the team next year. Weird, huh? But Sainz isn’t losing steam. He admits it’s odd, but he’s determined. The moment he’s in Bahrain, helmet on, it’s game time. He’s not just there to race; he’s eyeing the championship. If there’s a shot at the title, you bet he’s going to grab it. It’d be like coming full circle, from his karting days to potentially topping the world in F1.

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