Sainz Spotted in Melbourne: Imminent Return for Ferrari Driver?

Carlos Sainz, recovering from appendicitis, has arrived in Melbourne for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and will undergo an FIA test to determine if he can race, potentially replacing Oliver Bearman who filled in for him in Jeddah.


‣ Carlos Sainz has arrived in Melbourne for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix after undergoing surgery for appendicitis.

‣ Sainz must pass an FIA medical test to be able to compete in the Grand Prix, with the test scheduled for Thursday at the circuit.

‣ Oliver Bearman, who made his Formula 1 debut in Jeddah as Sainz’s replacement, will return to racing in Formula 2 if Sainz passes the medical test.

Carlos Sainz? Spotted in Melbourne, they say. The city’s buzzing, prepping for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend.

Meanwhile, Oliver Bearman, that young talent, got his F1 debut in Jeddah. But, no dice for him in Australia. Seems Sainz is bouncing back.

Oh, the drama in Jeddah! Sainz had to bolt from the paddock. Why? Appendicitis. Yep, the Ferrari ace was under the knife. But, guess what? Marca caught him at Melbourne’s airport, strolling like a breeze. Looks like he’s shaking off Jeddah’s shadows.

### Sainz must pass FIA test

So, Thursday’s a big day for Sainz. He’s eyeing to ace an FIA test. That’s his ticket to hop back into the SF-24, revving through all sessions. This isn’t just any test. It’s happening right at the circuit, with an FIA medical delegate glued to his side. Why Melbourne so early, you ask? Jet lag, my friend. He’s beating it to the punch.

If Sainz makes a comeback, Bearman’s back to Formula 2. The Brit, racing for Prema, had his moment in the F1 sun in Saudi Arabia. But if Sainz’s test flunks? Bearman might just jump back into the F1 cockpit, especially since Formula 2’s also hitting the Melbourne track this weekend.

Crazy, right? The world of Formula 1, never a dull moment.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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