Sainz vs Leclerc: Who Will Win in 2024?

Carlos Sainz outperformed his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing third with a significant lead of almost 15 seconds, amid speculation about his future and despite both drivers facing brake issues.


‣ At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz finished third, ahead of his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc, who finished fourth, with a significant gap of 14.559 seconds between them.

‣ Carlos Sainz, known for not being an aggressive driver, showed a notable change in his driving style at Bahrain, possibly motivated by the uncertainty of his future with the team and the need to secure a seat for 2025.

‣ Despite Charles Leclerc being the favored driver at Ferrari, evidenced by his substantial contract, Sainz outperformed him at the Bahrain Grand Prix, even though both drivers faced brake problems during the race. Sainz managed to handle the issue better, securing a podium finish.

‣ The performance of Sainz in Bahrain has sparked discussions and predictions about whether he will continue to outperform Leclerc in the 2024 season, inviting fans to vote and share their opinions on the matter.

Oh, the Bahrain Grand Prix was quite the spectacle, wasn’t it? Carlos Sainz, that Ferrari dynamo, snagged third place. Right behind him? His teammate, Charles Leclerc, trailing by a dramatic 14.559 seconds. Now, that’s what you call a gap. So, here’s a thought to chew on: “Sainz will outpace Leclerc in 2024.” What’s your take?

Carlos Sainz, you see, isn’t exactly the poster boy for aggressive driving. But, Bahrain? Oh, it was a different story. It’s like someone lit a fire under him. Maybe it’s the pressure. After all, he’s on his way out of the team come season’s end. And 2025? His future’s as clear as mud. The man’s got something to prove.

### Sainz Outshone Leclerc in Bahrain

Now, onto the juicy bits. Charles Leclerc is Ferrari’s golden boy, no doubt. Despite the team’s “fair play” mantra, Leclerc’s hefty contract speaks volumes. But at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sainz wasn’t just a step ahead; he was almost 15 seconds ahead. And mind you, Leclerc had the advantage, starting from second, while Sainz was back in fourth. Leclerc’s race was a bit of a struggle, plagued by brake issues. But here’s the kicker: Sainz faced the same demons. Yet, he managed to tame those overheated brakes, securing a spot on the podium. Impressive, right?

### Vote and Have Your Say!

So, what’s the word on the street? Can Sainz outperform Leclerc this season? And if so, by how much? Or is it just wishful thinking? Cast your vote and spill your thoughts in the comments. Let’s get this debate rolling!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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