Sainz’s Car Shares Same Issues as Leclerc’s

During the Bahrain Grand Prix, both Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz experienced similar brake overheating issues, but Sainz managed to overcome these problems and secure a podium finish.


‣ Both Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, encountered similar problems during the Bahrain Grand Prix, including issues with tyre lock-ups and brake overheating.

‣ Despite the challenges, Carlos Sainz managed to secure a podium finish by effectively managing the brake overheating issue, which was exacerbated by being in traffic and the accumulation of hot air from cars ahead.

‣ The brake problems were primarily due to overheating, a condition that was difficult to replicate or anticipate during testing, as it occurs under specific race conditions such as following closely behind multiple cars for consecutive laps.

‣ Sainz’s strategy to overcome the brake overheating involved cooling the brakes by altering his driving line on the straights and managing the brake usage to prevent failure, demonstrating adaptability and quick thinking under pressure.

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc hit a rough patch. His teammate, Carlos Sainz, echoed the sentiment, facing the same hurdles. Yet, Sainz clawed his way to a podium finish, against the odds.

Ferrari’s season opener was anything but smooth. Leclerc’s struggles were in the spotlight, with his tyres betraying him at turns. Interestingly, Sainz was in the same boat.

### Carlos Sainz suffered from the same problems as Charles Leclerc

The Grand Prix was tough on Ferrari’s brakes. While Leclerc’s issues were front and center, Sainz had his fair share of drama. “In the thick of it, especially early on, our brakes were singing the blues. The pedal felt like it was throwing in the towel. Do I push through or play it safe?” Sainz mused. He opted for caution, juggling his approach to keep the brakes from bowing out. Despite a rocky start, his strategy paid off, allowing him to climb the ranks and snag a spot on the podium.

Brake overheating was the culprit behind their woes. Sainz managed to navigate this challenge mid-race, securing a well-deserved podium position. “Leclerc might’ve had it rough, but I was skating on thin ice too. Testing never prepares you for the real deal – like tailing four cars, with their hot air cooking your brakes,” he shared. Sainz kept his cool, tweaking his driving to give the brakes a breather. Despite the scare, he found his rhythm, paving the way for a strong finish. “It’s a lesson learned. We might need to cushion our strategy a bit more next time,” he concluded, hinting at a more cautious approach in future races.

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