Sauber Rebranding: Stake in 2024 Opens New Opportunities for Team

Sauber has announced their official name for the 2024 season as Stake F1 Team, with managing director Alessandro Alunni Bravi expressing excitement for the new opportunities this will bring for drivers Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou.


‣ Sauber has announced their official name for the 2024 season as Stake F1 Team, opening new opportunities for drivers Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou.
‣ Stake’s involvement in Formula One has not only enhanced its own community but also introduced a new audience to the sport, benefiting the entire F1 community.
‣ Drivers Bottas and Zhou will engage in more off-track activities in 2024, allowing their personalities to shine through collaborations with Stake’s ambassadors.
‣ Stake’s approach to marketing and media has increased global brand awareness for the F1 team, particularly in the digital landscape, and they plan to take the team’s reach, fanbase, and visibility to unprecedented levels.

Sauber’s big reveal came on New Year’s day, 2024. They’re now known as the Stake F1 Team. The managing director, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, is buzzing with anticipation. He’s looking forward to what this change means for Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou’s team in the coming year.

“Last season was just the beginning for Stake in Formula One,” Bravi said in a press release. He sees the brand’s new role as the head of Stake F1 Team as a thrilling progression. Stake has not only tapped into the growing F1 fan base, but it’s also brought in a whole new audience. This benefits not just their team, but the entire F1 community.

Bottas and Zhou are also set to be more active off the track. Their personalities are going to shine even brighter. Bravi mentioned some incredible collaborations with Stake’s ambassadors, like football legend Sergio Aguero and rapper Karan Aujla. “2024 is a fresh start. We’re aiming to do more, do better, and reach further. We’re excited about the upcoming calendar of events,” he concluded.

Edward Craven, Stake’s Co-Founder, is equally thrilled. He’s looking forward to the next chapter in the sport. “We’re bringing a fresh and electrifying identity to our F1 team. We’re starting the season with a bold new name, Stake F1 Team. We’re driven by a passion for speed, innovation, and pushing boundaries. We’re ready to take the team to new heights from 2024 onwards,” he said.

Craven added that the coming years are going to be a wild ride. They’ve got some incredible activations planned that will redefine excitement both on and off the track. “Brace yourselves and stay tuned. The Stake F1 Team is accelerating towards an exciting future!” he exclaimed.

Akhil Sarin, Stake’s Chief Marketing Officer, also highlighted the brand’s approach. He believes it can attract new fans to the sport. “The past season has shown the marketing and media value that Stake brings to the F1 team, especially in the digital landscape. We’ve increased global brand awareness for all stakeholders. We’re ready to take the team’s reach, fanbase, and visibility to new levels. Our strategy is to deliver unforgettable experiences that showcase our commitment to innovation, entertainment, and global connectivity,” he said.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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