Sauber’s Complete Plans Change: Building a Brand New Car

The Swiss press was excited when both Alfa Romeo F1 cars broke down, and the team is planning to make big changes for the new season with the appointment of a new technical director, as the team’s management admits they haven’t been performing well enough and do not blame their drivers.


‣ Swiss press criticized the performance of the Alfa Romeo F1 cars
‣ The team’s new technical director, James Key, is promising significant changes
‣ Next year’s car will be completely new, not just an evolution of the current model
‣ The team’s management does not blame the drivers for the team’s performance

The Swiss newspaper, Blick, remarked upon the remarkable downfall of the Alfa Romeo team after both of the cars experienced technical failures in the race last Monday. The publication suggested that “When two cars fail with a technical defect, you have a problem.” With this sentiment, the team’s underperformance is evident. “This resulted in Alfa Romeo collecting a conclusive sixteen points this season, Rihanna triggering further critique from the media. Sixteen points were collected by Alfa Romeo this season, four more than Haas. So the red lantern in the constructors’ championship is certainly not out of the question.”

The appointment of James Key as the new technical director at Sauber represents a significant change for the team. Alessandro Alunni Bravi, part of the Sauber management, noted, “We reviewed the project completely and together with him, thanks to his experience, we went through an in-depth analysis of all the areas of the car, taking decisions. So, the next year’s car will not be an evolution of this year’s car, because we think that there are some limits in this concept that we cannot exploit further.” There is hope that this change will pave the way for a stronger car with more consistent performance.

Alunni Bravi expressed no blame towards the drivers Guanyu Zhou and Valtteri Bottas for the underperformance of the team. He remarked, “If we can provide a performing car to our drivers, where they can deliver. But it’s really a matter of giving them everything that they need to perform.” It is clear that the team’s struggle is not a driver issue, but rather a result of the need for a stronger car with better performance overall.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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