Saudi Arabia GP Weather Forecast: Treacherous Winds Challenge F1 Drivers

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is set to occur under dry conditions with no rain expected, a temperature around 26 degrees cooling down during the race, and potentially challenging winds, while Max Verstappen starts from pole position followed by Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez, and Fernando Alonso.


‣ Max Verstappen starts the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix from pole position, with Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez, and Fernando Alonso trailing behind.

‣ The weather in Saudi Arabia has been dry in recent years, with sunny days and slightly cooler nights. No rain has occurred so far this year, but wind can be a challenge for drivers.

‣ The weather forecast for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix indicates no rain, with a 1 percent chance of precipitation. The temperature is expected to be around 26 degrees at the start, cooling down as the race progresses, and wind speeds of 19 km/h decreasing to 15 km/h could affect the race.

Oh boy, it’s that time again. The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is just around the corner. Now, Jeddah’s weather? Pretty standard stuff – no big surprises in the past.

But hey, what’s the scoop for this year? Let’s dive in.

Max Verstappen is on a roll, folks. This weekend? He’s smashing it. For the first time, he’s snagging that pole position in Saudi Arabia. Right on his tail? Charles Leclerc. And not too far behind, we’ve got Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso lining up. It’s shaping up to be quite the showdown.

Now, onto the weather in Saudi Arabia. It’s been pretty consistent over the years. Sun’s out guns out during the day, and a bit of a chill hits when the night races start. Rain? Nada. But, oh, that wind. It’s like it’s got a mind of its own, making the track a bit of a wild card for the drivers.

### Weather forecast Saudi Arabia

Alright, race day forecast coming at you. No rain expected for the Grand Prix, kicking off at 17:00 UK time on Saturday night.’s throwing out a 1 percent chance of rain – basically, don’t bother with an umbrella. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at a cozy 26 degrees, but it’ll drop as the night goes on. And the wind? It’s starting at 19 km/h but will slow down to a more manageable 15 km/h as the race progresses. Keep an eye on those gusts, though; they could throw in a twist.

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