Schumacher criticizes Mercedes car understanding

Mercedes had a disappointing performance in the Grand Prix in Brazil, causing concern for Toto Wolff and fear that the team will not improve, and Ferrari also struggled due to problems with Charles Leclerc‘s car and Haas F1’s German Nico Hulkenberg also failing to impress.”


‣Mercedes struggled in the Grand Prix in Brazil
‣Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher analyzed Mercedes’ weak performance
‣Ferrari faced issues during the race
‣Haas F1’s update did not show improvement

Mercedes’ humiliating performance and falling behind to Alpine and AlphaTauri in Brazil has left the team disappointed this week. Ralf Schumacher, analyst for Sky Sports Germany commented on the lack of understanding Mercedes has for their car’s concept. He said, “Mercedes was very weak this weekend. Therefore, I fear Mercedes is not out of the woods yet. This worries Toto Wolff.” Toto Wolff expressed his concerns after the race also. His shock was due to the team’s continued issues saying, “The problems arise because they don’t understand the concept [of their own car].”

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc encountered a problem with hydraulics, causing him to spin off the track during warm-up lap at the Grand Prix. Schumacher noted Mercedes’ performance should’ve given Ferrari an edge but “Ferrari has always been a bit of a problem child. With Ferrari, you need patience.” He also mentioned Haas F1’s poor results and problems despite being critical “The Haas update does not seem to be working, the tyre wear is incredibly high”. Schumacher thinks the decision to keep Nico Hulkenberg with them for another F1 season suggests they were giving him a new opportunity.

In light of Mercedes’ struggles, former F1 driver turned analyst Ralf Schumacher highlighted how Mercedes was “weaker than expected” and that Toto Wolff’s worries are linked to the team’s lack in understanding of their car’s concept. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc’s spinning off due to a hydraulics problem further raised concerns for Schumacher. In addition, he mentioned the “problem child” Ferrari and the expectancy of the need for “patience”. Regarding Haas F1, Schumacher observed their “incredibly high” tyre wear and Nico Hulkenberg’s retention for another season as he deemed it a new opportunity for him.

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