Schumacher Disappointed: Reasons Behind Hamilton’s Departure from Mercedes

Ralf Schumacher and Norbert Haug express disappointment with Mercedes’ new W15 car, predicting another challenging year for the team and foreseeing continued dominance by Red Bull in Formula 1.


– ‣ Ralf Schumacher expresses disappointment with Mercedes’ new W15 car, predicting another challenging year for the team.
– ‣ Schumacher interprets Lewis Hamilton‘s loss of confidence in Mercedes as a sign of the team’s struggles, highlighted by Hamilton’s response to Fred Vasseur’s call.
– ‣ Norbert Haug comments on the cyclical nature of Formula 1 dominance, noting Red Bull’s current superiority and predicting its continuation based on test day performances.

Ralf Schumacher, once a maestro on the tracks, now a Sky Sports analyst, isn’t exactly thrilled. The W15, Mercedes’ latest beast, doesn’t seem to cut it for him. “Not the best look,” he muses, hinting at a bumpy ride ahead for the team.

After watching the Bahrain test days, disappointment lingered. “Feels like déjà vu from last year,” Schumacher shared with Sky. It’s as if the shadows of the past season loom large. And, oh, Lewis Hamilton? His dwindling faith in Mercedes led him straight to Fred Vasseur’s doorstep. No surprises there, really.

Red Bull, on the other hand, is killing it. “They’re the team to watch,” Schumacher quipped. It’s like everyone saw it coming but were just waiting for the confirmation.

Enter Norbert Haug, the ex-Mercedes Motorsport chief. He’s seen it all. “Remember Vettel’s glory days at Red Bull? Dominance, through and through. Then Mercedes took the baton, running with it for a decade,” Haug reminisced. But now? It’s Red Bull’s playground, and they’re not playing nice.

Haug’s eyes, trained from years in the pit, saw enough during those test laps. “Don’t expect a shift in power anytime soon,” he concluded. It’s as if the tides have turned, yet again, in this ever-revolving world of Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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