Sergio Perez Struggles with Tyre Slippage

Sergio Perez finished second at the Bahrain Grand Prix, overcoming tyre management challenges and viewing it as a strong start to the season after a difficult previous year, while looking forward to learning from the race for future improvements.


‣ Sergio Perez finished second at the Bahrain Grand Prix, marking a strong start to the season after a challenging previous year.

‣ Perez highlighted the race’s difficulty due to tyre management and mentioned the team would learn from the experience to improve for future races.

‣ Despite facing issues with tyre wear and engine braking, Perez remains optimistic about analyzing and addressing these challenges for better performance in upcoming races.

Sergio Perez snagged a second-place finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix. It was a promising opener for the Mexican racer, especially after last year’s struggles. This time, he managed to edge out Sainz by a few seconds. So, what was the race like for the Red Bull contender?

“Well, I reckon it was the best we could’ve done,” Perez reflected post-race. He added, “The race was a bit of a puzzle, especially with tyre management.” He believes the race offered valuable lessons for the upcoming championship. “But hey, it’s a solid start to the season,” he concluded.

Interestingly, Perez also clinched second place last year. However, he was a tad closer to Verstappen and had a wider gap from the third spot. This year marked a significant improvement, with Perez advancing three positions from his last season’s starting point at the Grand Prix.

### Tyre Troubles for Perez

Perez faced a familiar foe – his tyres. “We were sliding from one compound to the next,” he lamented. The issues didn’t stop there, with engine braking and drivability adding to his woes. “It’s tricky around here, lots of slow speeds. But, we’ll dissect everything tonight and prep for Jeddah,” he assured, ever hopeful.

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