Sergio Perez’s Admirable Post Receives Mixed Reactions from Followers

A social media post by Red Bull Racing, referring to drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez as “The lion and the friendly dog,” sparked controversy among fans who mistakenly thought the team was negatively referring to Perez as ‘a dog’, when in fact, the nickname was chosen by Perez himself.


‣ Red Bull Racing posted two pictures on social media, one of Max Verstappen and one of Sergio Perez, with the caption: “The lion and the friendly dog.”
‣ Some followers of Red Bull Racing misinterpreted the post, thinking the team was negatively referring to Perez as ‘a dog’.
‣ The term ‘dog’ was actually chosen by Perez himself when asked which animal he would associate with, if Verstappen is associated with a lion.
‣ The context of the ‘dog’ reference was later clarified in a video posted on Twitter.

Well, here’s a classic case of social media gone awry. Red Bull Racing, the Austrian team, tried to be cute. They posted a couple of pics. One of Max Verstappen. Another of Sergio Perez. The caption? “The lion and the friendly dog.”

Seems harmless, right?


A few of Red Bull’s fans got their feathers ruffled. They thought the team was calling Perez ‘a dog’. Not exactly a compliment, right? But hold your horses. The label wasn’t a diss. It came from Perez himself.

Here’s the backstory.

Someone asked Perez what animal he’d be if Verstappen was a lion. Perez pondered. Then he said: a dog. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

Before this gets outta hand, let’s set the record straight.
— iv (@farfromfilm) December 17, 2023

So, there you have it. No harm, no foul. Just a friendly dog and a lion.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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