Sky Sports Commentator Defends Sargeant Remarkably

Despite a lackluster performance in the 2023 F1 season, Logan Sargeant has been given another chance at Williams, with comparisons made to Max Verstappen‘s performance over Alex Albon’s Red Bull stint, suggesting that not all drivers excel immediately and sometimes need more time to prove their worth.


‣ Logan Sargeant has been given another opportunity at Williams despite a lackluster performance in the 2023 F1 season.
‣ Sargeant’s performance has been compared to Max Verstappen’s over Alex Albon’s Red Bull stint.
‣ Sargeant’s constant comparison with his teammate, Alexander Albon, who outperformed him in every race in 2023, was a significant concern.
‣ Despite criticism, Sky Sports commentator David Croft believes Sargeant deserves more time to prove himself, similar to Albon’s journey.

Logan Sargeant’s getting another shot at Williams. His 2023 performance? Not exactly stellar. But, as David Croft points out, not every driver’s a superstar right off the bat.

Sargeant’s been likened to Max Verstappen. Not for his performance, but for his situation. Think back to Alex Albon’s Red Bull days.

Sargeant’s 2023 F1 season? Ended with a single point. He bagged it at the United States Grand Prix. But only after Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton got disqualified.

Comparing Sargeant

The rookie’s biggest worry? Constant comparisons with his teammate, Alexander Albon. Albon outshone Sargeant in every 2023 race. Even when they both finished, Albon was always first. But Williams is giving Sargeant another year. Croft gets it.

Sargeant’s been criticized for never out-qualifying Albon. “He can’t even beat his teammate in qualifying,” they say. True. But remember Albon? He also didn’t out-qualify his teammate for a whole season. Did we write him off then? In hindsight, no. He’s turned into a fine driver,” Croft said on a Sky Sports podcast.

“Not everyone’s a Max Verstappen, hitting the ground running. Sometimes, drivers need more time. Let’s see how Logan does next year,” added Croft. This comparison is interesting. Albon was up against Verstappen that year. And Verstappen? He’s considered one of F1’s best.

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