Stake F1 Team’s Odd 2024 Statistic: Key to Losing Races Revealed

The Stake F1 team has had a challenging start to the season due to pit stop issues, notably with wheel nuts, affecting their performance despite having competitive cars and planning updates for future races.


‣ The Stake F1 team has had a challenging start to the season, with drivers Guanyu Zhou and Valtteri Bottas finishing outside the points in the first two Grands Prix, not primarily due to the car’s performance but due to issues in the pit stops.

‣ In both the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Grands Prix, the team faced significant delays in the pit stops due to improperly fixed wheels and slow wheel changes, highlighting operational issues rather than mechanical failures with the car itself.

‣ The root cause of the pit stop issues has been identified as a problem with the wheel nuts having a so-called cross thread, leading to the wheel nuts spinning out of control and causing delays.

‣ Despite having updates planned for their cars, the Stake F1 team acknowledges that resolving the wheel nut problem is crucial for achieving better results in future races, as evidenced by the stark comparison of their pit stop times with those of other teams, such as Carlos Sainz‘s at Ferrari in the previous season.

Oh boy, the Stake F1 team’s season kickoff? Not exactly a walk in the park. Picture this: two races down and both Guanyu Zhou and Valtteri Bottas might as well have been invisible, finishing nowhere near the points. And you’d think, “It’s gotta be the car, right?” Nope.

Zhou had his eyes on the prize in Saudi Arabia, really. But then, bam! A pit stop straight out of a suspense thriller ruined everything. Drama, drama, drama.

And it’s not like 2024 sprung this pit lane chaos on them out of the blue. Remember Bahrain? The season’s opener? Poor Bottas. A wheel not attached properly turned his pit stop into an eternity. Fifty-two seconds, to be exact. Fast forward a week to Jeddah, and it’s Zhou’s turn to watch paint dry during a painfully slow wheel change.

So, what’s the deal? The team’s scratching their heads, saying the mechanics are on point. But those pesky wheel nuts? They’ve got a mind of their own, spinning into oblivion thanks to what’s known as a cross thread. Stake’s got updates queued up for their cars, aiming for a comeback at the Australian Grand Prix. Yet, they’re not holding their breath. Not until the wheel nut fiasco finds its curtain call.

### That’s how long Stake F1 had been idle

Get this: Stake F1’s pit stop woes? They’re not just bad. They’re “set a new record” bad. Seven pit stops in 2024, with their drivers frozen in time for a whopping 100.1 seconds. Let’s put that into perspective. Carlos Sainz, doing his thing for Ferrari in 2023, danced through 34 stops. And guess what? He was stationary for just 98.14 seconds. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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Albert Ramirez
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