Steiner Criticized: His Leadership Led to Haas’s Last Place Finish

David Croft and Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports have blamed Guenther Steiner for Haas’ poor performance in the 2023 F1 season, citing his decision not to implement updates earlier in the season as a key factor in the team’s downfall.


‣ Guenther Steiner has been blamed for Haas’ poor performance in the 2023 F1 season by David Croft and Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports.
‣ Haas started the 2023 season well but then sank further down, failing to come up with necessary updates like other teams.
‣ The decision not to change things up earlier in the season reportedly came from Steiner, which resulted in the team’s poor performance.
‣ The American racing team finished last among the constructors, missing out on precious prize money, and not a single point was scored after their major update.

Guenther Steiner’s the culprit behind Haas’ 2023 slump. That’s what David Croft and Ted Kravitz reckon in Sky Sports’ year-end podcast.

2023 was a nightmare for Haas in F1. They brought in Nico Hulkenberg, a seasoned pro, to team up with Kevin Magnussen. The goal? Outdo Mick Schumacher’s performance. But, it was a tough nut to crack. The VF-23 took a nosedive.

Steiner’s the root of Haas’ woes

Haas kicked off 2023 on a decent note, bagging points in three of the first five Grands Prix. But then, it all went south. Other teams rolled out updates, Haas didn’t. Their major update only saw the light of day at the United States Grand Prix. Sky Sports guys reckon it could’ve been earlier.

“Guenther’s at the bottom of the pile in terms of technical performance,” Ted Kravitz pointed out. David Croft chimed in, “The call not to shake things up earlier? That was Guenther’s. It came from the top. It wasn’t a ‘we can’t do it’ situation, but more of a ‘no need to rush, let’s see how it pans out’.”

If Croft’s intel is spot on, it’s a black mark for Steiner. Haas ended up dead last among the constructors, missing out on the cash prize. Plus, the much-anticipated update didn’t deliver. Post-update, they didn’t score a single point.

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